Engaging the services of a School Effectiveness Adviser (SEA) offers a number of advantages and provides:

    • a flexible, bespoke programme, which can be as extensive or as focused as required
    • support and challenge – elements valued by academies and governors
    • a SEA who is up to date regarding inspection and accountability frameworks rigorously quality assured and accountable for the quality of their work
    • a SEA who can carefully coordinate deployment of a “team around the school”, drawing on the range of HfL expert professionals: Teaching Alliances, NLEs, LLEs, SLEs and other experienced school leaders and subject specialists


    For further information and pricing on all secondary SEA services, or to book a visit, contact:

    Tel: 01438 544464
    Email madeline.hyles@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Bespoke packages can be arranged by request, please call to discuss specific requirements.

    • assistance in setting suitable challenging targets
    • review of standards - all key stages
    • preparation for Ofsted inspection meeting Governors, SLT and head/ principal, to ensure accountability and help develop skills
    • review examination results at KS4 and KS5, FFT analyses, LA/National results, and RAISE online support to respond to external challenge
    • written report
    • external adviser to support the performance management of the headteacher
    • provides the headteacher with the recommended paperwork
    • review the headteacher’s views, past performance and future targets
    • support for governors in completing the appropriate documentation
    • Our SEA will provide up-to-date knowledge and training of current inspection practice
    • focus on improvements since the last Ofsted inspection
    • scrutiny of data and documentation
    • paired lesson observations with SLT
    • interviews and discussions with key stakeholders and middle leaders
    • identification of key issues
    • verbal feedback and written report
    • interviews with the headteacher and SLT
    • discussions with a range of stakeholders
    • paired lesson observations with SLT
    • scrutiny of data and documentation
    • review of strengths and areas for development and impact
    • focus on recent internal and external evaluations of academy data sets
    • verbal feedback followed by written report
    • joint observations of lessons with SLT or middle leaders
    • support for SLT/MLT in their self-evaluation of teaching and learning across the academy
    • reassurance of self-evaluation accuracy
    • valuable professional development
    • note of the visit with key issues for action
    • carried out by an experienced team of advisers
    • interviews with SLT, middle leaders, pupils and governors
    • review of available data to include all aspects of school outcomes
    • observations of teaching including school outcomes paired with SLT
    • cost to be determined based on size of school and number of advisers
    • written report if required (for an additional cost)
    • customised reviews
    • interviews with stakeholders
    • review of available data
    • lesson observations including paired observations
    • feedback to the headteacher/SLT/ chair of governors
    • other activities by negotiation

    Achieving a high performance culture for all

    An all-staff INSET day to develop a home and school-wide culture to help close attainment gaps.This training is designed to reinforce the power of creating a school-wide culture around Growth Mindset, the myth of talent and the power of practice. It explores strategies that are successful in establishing a belief (shared by staff, parents and students) in the potential of all students to become high performers and initiatives that have impact in closing the attainment gaps between disadvantaged students and their peers.

    Available as a one-day INSET or half-day for all staff or as stand-alone one-hour workshops for teams. Please see flyer below for further details.

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