“What did you do today?” answered

    Published: 10 November 2015

    Marvellous me


    HfL shareholders to receive discount for parent-engaging classroom app, MarvellousMe.

    Herts for Learning has partnered with MarvellousMe, an innovative app that engages parents by telling them wonderful news about their children’s school day.

    Teachers post activities, award badges and send messages, inspiring at-home discussions and home-learning support, as well as positive behaviour within the classroom.

    The light-touch app allows simple comments, home learning tips, photos, videos, audio clips and messages to be sent to parents, who receive noti¬fications showing their children’s activities and achievements. Teachers’ contact details are always kept secure so that parents cannot overload them with replies.

    MarvellousMe can be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets and desktops, and is available for teachers to use on interactive whiteboards in class.
    The app is designed to give parents an understanding of what their child does at school. It gives straightfor¬ward answers to questions like: ‘What did you do today?’ and “Were you good?’ –to which children rarely give an in-depth answer – and provides teachers with an efficient platform through which they can communicate with parents.

    MarvellousMe’s online manage¬ment portal (the School Pack) makes it easier for schools to set up every teacher and TA on the app, and keep their classes always up to date.

    The pack also empowers headteachers, SLTs and specialists to use the app across the whole school, providing valuable reports to ensure effectiveness, consistency and continuity, as well as making it easy for schools to show their parent engagement success to governors and inspectors.

    MarvellousMe and HfL have agreed a reduced price for the app and School Pack for all HfL shareholders, which includes onsite set-up and training.
    Initial set-up and training support will be provided by HfL, in order for schools to get the most out of the app.

    For more information visit the MarvellousMe website: www.marvellousme.com