50 things you can do with Chromebooks in the classroom

    Published: 28 June 2019

    A new Chromebook ebook created by Herts for Learning’s Computing team is now available as a free download.

    The ebook looks at 50 different ways that a teacher or pupil can use a Chromebook in their classroom.

    Each of the 50 ways includes suggestions of use, concentrating on using the core G Suite apps for creative and varied learning opportunities.

    The range of ideas featured includes:

    • recording a video
    • voice type in Google Docs
    • recording and publishing a podcast
    • making revision cards
    • carrying out a survey

    “There have been many schools across Hertfordshire that have either implemented or are exploring Chromebooks and G Suite for Education as an effective, convenient and cost effective pupil/student device,” said Chris Carter, Computing and eDevelopments Adviser at HfL.

    “We wanted to provide educators with a free ebook that contains a range of ideas that inspire teachers with ways they can use Chromebooks, particularly those teachers new to this platform. Each idea is simple, easy-to-follow and can be used in different subject areas.”

    To download this ebook, please visit: 50 ways to use a Chromebook in the Classroom

    What is a Chromebook?

    Chromebooks and G Suite for Education offer a powerful solution for educational ICT.

    Chromebooks are lightweight, affordable devices that update automatically and provide easy access to online tools and storage, including Google’s free G-Suite for Education. They take about eight seconds to boot up with an all-day battery life.

    Over 80 million students and teachers across the world are using G Suite for Education, 30 million of which are using Chromebooks as pupil/student devices.

    For more information about how Herts for Learning can help your school use Chromebooks and G Suite for Education to spark curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning, please visit: Google for Education and Chromebooks.

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