Change to Herts for Learning Board

    Published: 06 February 2020

    Herts for Learning (HfL) regrets to announce that Rob Staples has resigned from the Board of HfL with immediate effect. Rob, who is CEO of the Claxton Trust and Headteacher at Fairlands Primary School in Stevenage, was elected to serve as one of the three Directors representing Primary School shareholders and joined the Board last April. This timing coincided with the release of the new Academies Financial Handbook, which includes additional reporting requirements for related party transactions. Unfortunately, Rob has been unable to find a solution acceptable to the ESFA that allows his Trust to continue to purchase services from HfL whilst he remains an HfL Director. He has therefore decided that the right decision for both his Trust and HfL is to step down from his position on the HfL Board.

    HfL will now seek to work with the ESFA to find an acceptable solution that permits Heads and Trustees to continue to serve pro-bono on the HfL Board whilst allowing their schools and academies to continue to benefit from the services that HfL provides as a not-for-profit School Company. Elections for representatives from Primary School shareholders are already planned for later this year, by when we hope to have clarity on this matter.

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