Great Expectations: New Herts for Learning leadership programme launches to Hertfordshire schools

    Published: 24 September 2018

    Great expectationsHerts for Learning (HfL) has launched a new collaborative education programme aimed at helping Hertfordshire schools to understand the key features and qualities of ‘great’ schools.

    Entitled ‘Great Expectations’, the annual programme brings together leaders from 28 schools across all districts of Hertfordshire.

    The 14 primary and 14 secondary schools, rated good and outstanding by Ofsted, will work together to produce case studies, resources and literature to help improve other schools across Hertfordshire.

    The programme is being led by HfL’s Director of Education Services, Rachel Macfarlane and Jeremy Loukes, Deputy Director of Education Services - Primary.

    Speaking at the launch event, Rachel said: “We are incredibly excited to be launching Great Expectations to Hertfordshire schools.

    “We have seen recently that although attainment at all stages in Hertfordshire is above national average, the attainment of disadvantaged pupils is below the national average and this is something that HfL feels passionately about and dedicated to resolving. This programme is a great step to help improve this.”

    Great expectations
    From L-R: Jeremy Loukes, HfL’s Deputy Director of Education Services - Primary, Sir John Dunford, Chair of Whole Education and Rachel Macfarlane, HfL’s Director of Education Services

    The launch event, held at Hertfordshire Development Centre, Stevenage, saw schools separated into hubs – containing 3-4 schools from different districts. The leaders from each school will be able to visit and collaboratively work with other schools in their hubs.

    “Getting schools across all our districts to work collaboratively is crucial if we want to improve the outcomes of our children. This programme is a great opportunity to link schools with different cultures and to help them understand what makes each school unique and great,” added Rachel.

    HfL also welcomed Sir John Dunford, Chair of Whole Education and National Pupil Premium Champion, who gave a presentation about raising achievement, closing gaps and building an entitlement to a fully rounded education. John is one of six speakers presenting on the Great Expectations programme throughout this year with Deborah Eyre, Kevan Collins and Estelle Morris confirmed to speak at future events.


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