Head to Herts for Learning for NQT induction services

    Published: 17 July 2014

    At HfL, we are gearing up for another year of supporting, monitoring and assessing NQTs across the county. Herts for Learning provides a comprehensive NQT service that ensures your school and staff are supported from the very beginning of the induction year, through to final assessment and certification from NCTL.

    Our specialist service offers a completely independent and objective NQT induction system, ensuring consistency and parity across schools. We provide a dedicated telephone support line, e-mail and face to face advice, support and guidance for headteachers, induction co-ordinators, tutors and NQTs.

    What makes our service unique is the advice, support and guidance available where NQTs experience difficulties. Our experience of dealing with a range of cases over the years means that, whatever situation arises with NQTs, we can confidently support the school from start to finish, liaise with unions and the NCTL and ensure the best outcome is obtained.

    To support schools further, we have introduced a new, user-friendly NQT management system which will significantly cut down on paperwork for schools and help schools to streamline NQT administration. School administrators can have their own login to enter new NQT details, relieving pressure from NQT coordinators, whilst securing the confidentiality of assessment information.  Along with our updated NQT induction handbook and toolkit schools can feel confident they have all the information at their fingertips.

    New to our secondary service for next year – and included in the package cost - is the option of a quality assurance report on induction processes in your school to use as evidence of external verification. This may be particularly useful to those schools expecting Section 5 or Section 8 inspections or who may be selected under new arrangements to inspect training providers through inspecting NQTs in schools.

    Choosing HfL for this statutory package means that NQTs can be reassured that their school’s judgement is checked and verified by our independent NQT review panel, whilst schools say

    It is enormously reassuring to know you can depend on the extensive knowledge, wisdom and guidance of long established professionals with tremendous local experience.”
    Herts Headteacher, May 2014

    In addition to our statutory induction package, we have an extensive training programme for both primary and secondary NQTs.
    All this means your NQTs get the best possible start in their first year. So don’t delay, head to HfL with your NQT registrations for the start of the  academic year. 

    Please contact Julie Grimwade for further details on the NQT induction package: julie.grimwade@hertsforlearning.co.uk