Herts for Learning seeks feedback for improving PE teaching and wellbeing in schools

    Published: 23 October 2018

    Recent statistics, published by Virgin Active, show that almost a third of teachers (32%) say they lack confidence when it comes to teaching PE, over a quarter of primary school teachers (28%) said they don’t feel adequately qualified to teach the subject and over a half (53%) want more professional development opportunities for PE.

    This results in children not gaining their basic requirements for sport during their time in primary school, and then potentially missing out on the wealth of opportunities there are for children to have fun, engaging and memorable active school experiences.

    There is an opportunity for Herts for Learning (HfL) to offer primary schools a range of packages that would support teachers, LSAs and TAs in the delivery of high-quality PE. This could enable teachers to have the basic skills and quick-win ideas that will increase their confidence to lead PE, as well as equip them with easy to follow lesson plans.

    Therefore, HfL is looking for feedback on how can they help primary schools to improve PE teaching and wellbeing in schools. Please let us know your views on this by completing: Herts for Learning PE training survey



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