HfL to deliver “Wellbeing for Education Return” training to all Hertfordshire schools and colleges

    Published: 17 September 2020

    The Herts for Learning Wellbeing team have been identified by Hertfordshire County Council as the ‘local experts’ best placed to deliver the Wellbeing for Education Return government funded training to all Hertfordshire schools and colleges in October and November 2020.

    Wellbeing for Education Return is an £8m programme to boost pupil and teacher wellbeing and is a joint initiative from the Department for Education, Department of Health and Social Care, Health Education England, NHS England and Public Health England.

    GOV.UK | £8m programme to boost pupil and teacher wellbeing

    “The training will be offered to every school and college in England to help support pupil and student wellbeing, resilience and recovery in the context of Covid-19 and to prevent longer-term mental health problems developing, as well as helping to manage and support those who have pre-existing difficulties that may have been exacerbated by coronavirus. Nominated staff will receive the training through interactive webinars... [the training] can then be shared more widely within their school or college. All training materials will also be made available directly to staff to use.”

    Herts for Learning (HfL) Wellbeing advisers Karin Hutchinson and Kate Stockdale will deliver the training. They will work with staff from other teams across Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) to adapt the training to meet local identified needs.

    The “local experts” will be trained on the delivery of this programme during September 2020.  Training will then be available to schools to in October and November. The training is likely to equate to around 4.5 hours of training and all maintained schools must access the training. Schools will also receive follow up contact to discuss their implementation of the training.

    On being nominated to deliver this fully funded training to schools, HfL Wellbeing Adviser Karin Hutchinson said:

    "We are really pleased to have been designated experts in the field and are looking forward to working closely with our wonderful schools to further enhance our relationships with staff across the county.  Before we knew of this funded programme, we had already recognised the importance of providing training and support to schools around the mental health impacts of Covid-19. It is vital that all schools are in the best possible place to recognise and meet the needs of staff and pupils as they emerge.  We have put our own planned programme on hold, in order to ensure that all our schools and colleges can access this training at no cost.  This is an exciting programme developed by MindEd and the Anna Freud Centre, which will be tailored by HfL and HCC mental health experts working together to meet local identified needs.”

    Schools and colleges in Hertfordshire will be contacted directly by HfL with final programme details of how to book places as final details are confirmed.

    For more information about Herts for Learning Wellbeing services, please visit hertsforlearning.co.uk/wellbeing or email wellbeing@hertfordlearning.co.uk

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