HfL launches KS1 Reading Fluency Project

    Published: 20 September 2019

    Herts for Learning (HfL) has just launched a Reading Fluency Project for Key Stage 1

    Harnessing the principles of the highly effective Key Stage 2 Reading Fluency Project, which has been successfully running in schools since autumn 2017, the KS1 project aims to accelerate achievement in reading fluency and comprehension in a short space of time.

    The project aims to accelerate achievement in reading fluency and comprehension and draws on proven reading strategies that will have a swift and powerful impact on pupils’ reading achievement.

    Strategies used on the eight-week project include:

    • modelled expressive reading
    • echo reading
    • repeated re-reading
    • skilled questioning
    • challenging text selection
    • modelled comprehension skills

    Results from the pilot project are compelling.  Following the 8-week project, pupils typically demonstrated improvement in accuracy of 1 year 6 months on average and 2 years 3 months progress was achieved in comprehension.  All children participating in the pilot cohort also demonstrated increased confidence and stamina with reading.*

    Kathy Roe, Teaching and Learning Adviser for English (project Lead) at HfL said:

    “The Education Endowment Foundation - Improving Literacy in Key Stage 1 document suggests, as one of the top recommendations that schools ‘use high-quality structured interventions to help pupils who are struggling with their literacy’. It also suggests that ‘the first step should be to use accurate diagnosis of capabilities and difficulties to match pupils to appropriate interventions’. This project is carefully designed to incorporate these recommendations.”
    The Ofsted 2019 Education Inspection Framework states that ‘a rigorous approach to the teaching of reading develops learners’ confidence and enjoyment in reading’ and states that learners should ‘read widely and often, with fluency and comprehension’. The Key Stage 1 Reading Fluency Project will actively support schools in achieving these aims.”

    The project comprises of a launch day, a bespoke consultancy visit in school with one of our expert advisers, a twilight training session and a half-day final cluster.

    Starting on Tuesday 12th November 2019, you can book onto this project here.


    Education inspection framework (EIF), Ofsted, 2019
    Improving Literacy in Key Stage 1: Eight recommendations to support the literacy of 5-7 year-olds, Education Endowment Foundation, 2016

    *Source: Outcomes from the pilot cohorts of the KS1 reading Fluency Project 2019 and data as measured by the YARC assessment tool 2019

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