Humanities take centre stage at HfL

    Published: 03 October 2014

    A new educational consultant, Christine Lloyd-Staples, is joining HfL this term and will be bringing humanities back to centre stage.  With over 20 years’ experience in secondary education, plus four years in the primary sector, Christine’s expertise lies in teaching primary and secondary geography and history. 

    Having worked in a number of schools across the county as a subject leader and humanities coordinator, Christine has spent the past 11 years working as a Humanities Consultant and School Improvement Adviser.

    Christine will be running a series of training courses during the year to support the new primary curriculum in geography and history including:

    New curriculum for history: an enquiry based approach
    Book online: 14HIS/002P — 20th November 2014

    Making the most of your new primary geography curriculum
    Book online: 14GEO/001P — 12th November 2014

    Making the most of your new primary history curriculum
    Book online: 14HIS/003P — 25th November 2014

    In addition to training, Christine will also be providing consultancy to schools and offering bespoke twilight or inset sessions.  Sessions include 1:1 with the subject coordinator; imaginative use of ICT to enhance geography and/or history; staff meetings to discuss key concepts/principles underpinning geography; strategies to develop thinking skills in geography and/or history; what progression looks like in geography and/or history; strategies to develop literacy and extended writing in geography and/or history. 

    Lisa Kassapian (Joint SACRE Servicing Officer) continues to offer RE courses and consultancy, including:

    Building enquiring skills in primary humanities
    Book online: 14HUM/001P — 5th November 2014

    For further information on humanities consultancy, please email: