Introducing the Edtech Forum: enhancing teaching, learning and outcomes through technology

    Published: 15 July 2021

    Schools are currently identifying how they might use what they have learned over the last 16 months, about digital tools that support learning, going forwards. Whether this is about having a school platform, making pre-recorded videos or using tools that allow for greater pupil and staff collaboration, there is application beyond the remote learning uses. However, there are decisions to be made about what is the ‘best’ use of these within each school setting; what is genuinely helpful?

    In January 2021, the DfE stated that schools are expected to “identify a named senior leader with overarching responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education, including that provision meets expectations for remote education”.    

    Although the need for providing remote education is hopefully diminishing, the role of this named digital lead remains vitally important. Mainly, of course, to ensure that any children that cannot access school can continue their learning at home, as effectively as possible. But, we could take the opportunity to think more strategically: This role could also oversee the use of education technology in school, to maintain the digital momentum that lockdowns have created and to ensure that education technology is used effectively.

    Over the 16 months, schools have shifted to delivering education in an entirely different way, and whilst nobody is pretending it has not been a challenge, many have discovered certain advantages from working with digital platforms and tools. We want to keep those things that have worked well, develop them and continue to enjoy those benefits.

    To support schools, Herts for Learning is running the EdTech Forum: Enhancing Teaching, Learning and Outcomes through Technology. The purpose of this forum will be to explore what the optimum uses of technology might be, as we apply our recent progress with digital platforms and tools to the post-Covid education world.

    Our Head of Technology, Chris Bramwell will chair the events with the support of a team of Education Advisers. Delegates will have the opportunity to interact and to share experiences of digital learning with those holding similar roles in other schools.

    This series will run again, including 4 live webinars and some interim, online catch-up meetings between September 2021 – January 2022. Events will take place 3:30pm – 4:30pm on:

    Wednesday 22nd September     

    Wednesday 20th October

    Wednesday 24th November           

    Wednesday 19th January

    (Participants attend all 4 sessions)

    In order for schools to benefit from the forum as much as possible, we are offering a free place for every place booked.


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