New Early Years and Primary phonics resources now available

    Published: 11 November 2017

    Supersonic Phonics

    Supersonic Phonics – new downloadable packs of activity cards to help practitioners develop early literacy skills.

    Following on from the initial launch of our Supersonic Phonics activity cards on PA Plus in September, the Herts for Learning Early Years team have now released 10 packs  of six lively, engaging and active phonic activity cards and activity planners.

    Each pack of cards have been specially developed to help practitioners develop early literacy skills.

    The Supersonic Phonics ‘easy to use’ activity promote a range of activities to enable practitioners structure active phonic sessions. The cards are based on the aspects of letters and sounds phased developmental approach.

    The  packs for phases 1-5 are now available from the HfL shop, as well as the Introductory Pack and Activity Planner and the Foundations for Phonics resource.

    Supersonic Phonics introductory pack

    Supersonic Phonics pack 1 (phase 1)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 4 (phase 1)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 2 (phase 2)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 3 (phase 2)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 5 (phase 2)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 6 (phase 3)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 7 (phase 3)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 8 (phase 3) 

    Supersonic Phonics pack 9 (phase 4)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 10 (phase 4)

    Supersonic Phonics pack 11 (phase 1)  - Sept 2018

    Supersonic Phonics pack 12 (phase 1) - Sept 2018

    Supersonic Phonics pack 13 (phase 1) - Sept 2018

    Supersonic Phonics pack 14 (phase 5) - Sept 2018

    Supersonic Phonics pack 15 (phase 5) - Sept 2018

    Foundations for Phonics

    Developing children’s communication and language skills forms the foundations of phonics learning.

    Following the success of their Supersonic Phonics activity cards, the HfL Early Years team has now created a range of activities specifically to support children at the very earliest stages of auditory awareness and discrimination so children learn to ‘hear’ differences between letter sounds.

    ‘Foundations for Phonics’ activities will enable practitioners and parents to fully support early auditory skill development in exciting, interactive and engaging ways.

    All the cards in this introductory set of 6 cards include an image and clear instructions similar to our ‘follow-on’ range of ‘Supersonic Phonics’. For more information or to purchase this download:

    Foundations for Phonics - pack 1

    Foundations for Phonics - pack 2

    Foundations for Phonics - pack 3

    Foundations for Phonics - pack 4 - New April 2018

    Foundations for Phonics - pack 5 - New April 2018

    All the children and particularly the ones who struggle to maintain concentration now really engage in their phonics at a high level

    Angie Lewis, Early Years leader

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