Occupational Health Service – powered by Optima Health

    Published: 22 January 2019

    This service is available to Hertfordshire schools and academies only.

    Herts for Learning (HfL) is pleased to introduce a new service from spring 2019: Occupational Health Services – powered by Optima Health. This service was previously provided to schools via Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), however from April 2019, HfL will be working directly with Optima Health to deliver an enhanced service to Hertfordshire schools and academies.

    The new service includes:

    • pre-placement assessments  
    • management referral assessments
    • case conferences with OH Clinicians  
    • access to Optima’s online portal ‘myOHportal’.

    Features and benefits:

    • video consultation services
    • meaningful management information
    • appointment calls with the referrer from the clinical Occupational Health team in order to gain a full understanding of each case
    • support through the helpline before, during and after the referral
    • a locally located clinical and administrative team in Hertfordshire to provide personalised support to Hertfordshire schools and academies
    • a closer working partnership between HfL and Optima to deliver a more streamlined and efficient service
    • an excellent value for money service available exclusively for Hertfordshire schools and academies.

    Through the new myOHportal customers will be able to:

    • access leading edge IT support including a two-way interface
    • receive text and e-mail updates and reminders
    • submit online referrals and self-book appointments
    • receive meaningful management information
    • be satisfied that data is held securely in a GDPR compliant platform
    • Receive an immediate satisfaction check.

    The deadline to opt in to the service has now passed. If you have any enquiries please email OHcontracts@hertsforlearning.co.uk with details of your request.


    • There is a statutory responsibility for schools to verify a candidate’s mental and physical fitness to carry out their work when appointing new staff (KCSiE, 2018). The pre-appointment health checks provided by Optima will allow schools to do this.
    • An Occupational Health professional can provide medical advice to Headteachers/Line Managers to aid the management of staff absence and performance. The advice provided can play a pivotal role in supporting employees back in to work.

    The Occupational Health service is powered by Optima Health Ltd, with HfL managing the contract.

    The price of your OH contract for 2019/20 will be calculated at £14.75 per employee. Staff numbers are based on December 2018 payroll data for schools that use Serco. For schools with a different payroll provider, staff numbers have been obtained from the School Workforce Census data published in 2018.

    The contract will be offered on a yearly basis, similar to your current Education and Business Services from HFL.

    There is not currently scope to offer a PAYU service, subscribing schools will be required to pay a ‘per employee’ contract fee at the beginning of the contract. 

    The contract will last for 12 months from April 2019 and cannot be refunded mid-year.

    Unfortunately there is only one opportunity to sign up to the service from April 2019. There will be another opportunity to sign up from April 2020.

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