Published: 24 April 2015

    Research over the last 40 years provides educators and parents with a substantial body of evidence that parent involvement and engagement is associated with children’s academic success and social competence.Comprehensive surveys of this research document a broad range of benefits for children,families and schools:

    • Children achieve more, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnic/racial background or the parents’ education level.
    • Children have higher grades, better attendance and complete homework more consistently.
    • Achievement for disadvantaged children improves and those who are furthest behind make the greatest gains.
    • Children from diverse cultural backgrounds perform better when parents and professionals collaborate to bridge the gap between the culture at home and school.
    • Children whose parents are engaged make better transitions and maintain the quality of their work.

    In response to the evidence and requests from schools, HfL has developed a parental education programme, Parent2Parent®, aimed at helping parents and carers to improve the learning experience at home by embedding key teaching and learning behaviours. The Parent2Parent® programme provides an entirely new support service to schools, enabling parents and carers to gain confidence and new skills that will actively support learning at home. Parent2Parent® has been developed by Programme Leads Hannah East and Iain Watson. They are supported by a team of Parent2Parent® trainers, who have been coached to deliver the programme.

    Parent2Parent® has been successfully piloted with a number of schools across Hertfordshire in differing socio-economic areas. The response to the pilot from schools and the participating parents has been positive, and their feedback has helped to shape the model of the programme. The programme adopts a modular approach, with each module focussed on a different learning technique. The programme comprises six practical modules, which are delivered in school to parents. Parent2Parent® is now available to all Hertfordshire primary schools. Schools can subscribe to the service and an HfL Parent2Parent® trainer will deliver the programme to parents in their school. Alternatively, schools may cluster together and subscribe to the service.

    On completion of the programme, parents/carers who have attended the programme can apply to be trained as Parent2Parent® trainers, known as a Parent Lead. Once this training has been successfully completed, they can deliver the Parent2Parent® programme to other parents in a school. Parent Lead delivery will be quality assured by HfL advisers on an ongoing basis. Parents working as partners with schools in the learning process can potentially improve pupil outcomes, thereby supporting the school improvement agenda. By participating in Parent2Parent® schools will be able to support and promote parental engagement actively, without creating additional workload for their staff. They will also be awarded HfL’s new Investor in Parents status, which has been developed to highlight schools that are committed to, and are actively involved in, engaging with the parents in their school.

    Participation in the Parent2Parent® programme costs £1,200, which includes delivery of six Parent2Parent® modules, plus resources for parents, which can be taken home and used after the programme. If schools opt to cluster, this cost will be shared between the cluster schools. The cost of the Parent2Parent® programme can be met by Pupil Premium or PTA funding. A number of schools already subscribed have done so to support their transition programmes (reception to Year 1 or Year 6 to Year 7) or their gifted and talented pupils.

    For further information on the Parent2Parent® programme or to subscribe email: