Training Hertfordshire’s future Executive Headteachers

    Published: 05 July 2018
    From L to R: Richard Boulton, Joanna Di Bella, Mandy Abley, Debra Massey, Alan Cocker, James Roach, Christina Singh and Zoe Phillips

    The role of an executive headteacher has become increasingly prominent since the initial announcement of academisation in 2016.

    The Department for Education (DfE) explains the role, as “the post of executive headteacher should be used for a headteacher who directly leads two or more schools in a federation or other partnership arrangement.” (2015)

    There is, however, some lack of understanding about what it means to be an executive headteacher and the role itself.

    To help school leaders prepare for the roles and responsibilities of an executive headteacher, throughout the academic year, Herts for Learning (HfL) delivered a new and bespoke training programme and invited experienced Hertfordshire headteachers to take part.

    Ten Hertfordshire headteachers successfully completed the year-long training programme and their achievements were recognised in a celebration event.

    The headteachers attended a graduation-style celebration on Thursday 28th June to share their learning and the journey they have undertaken throughout course, through a series of presentations to invited guests, including twelve new delegates who will be taking part in the 2018/2019 training programme.

    The training programme was designed to allow delegates to get first-hand experience of what it is like to be an executive head and then challenge their own leadership style. They had an opportunity travel the UK and visit headteachers, executive headteachers and CEOs of MATs and also hear from nationally acclaimed speakers.

    Speaking about the success of the programme, Ali Pepper, Primary District School Effectiveness Adviser at HfL said: “We are really pleased with the success of the Executive Headteacher training programme this year. The participating headteachers have benefitted hugely from the high-quality speakers who have led the training days and the programme of school visits has enabled them to see executive leadership in its various different guises, worked out in everyday situations.

    “The time spent, both individually and within the group, discussing and reflecting on their learning has resulting in them being better equipped to move into the next stage of their school leadership with a new-found confidence.”

    Ali concluded: “We look forward to running the Executive Headteacher training programme again next year and are very pleased that we have an increased number of delegates signed up to take part.”

    Congratulations to our 2017/2018 cohort:

    Mandy Abley, Aboyne Lodge Primary

    Richard Boulton, Wood End Primary

    Alan Cocker, Cranborne Primary

    Joanna Di Bella, Birchwood Avenue Primary

    Debbie Massey, Howe Dell Primary

    Jenny Morley, Warren Dell Primary

    Zoe Phillips, Round Diamond Primary

    James Roach, Laurance Haines Academy

    Christina Singh, Nascot Wood Junior School

    Wendy Wing, Cuffley Primary

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