The National Curriculum brings various challenges for schools, not least in mid-term planning for core subjects, including English and mathematics, as well as assessment and Early Years. To support this Herts for Learning has developed PA Plus an essential range of over 450 high-quality resources that support primary schools with planning, assessment and progress-tracking.

    The resources are available as individual digital downloads or packaged as zip files for ease of downloading multiple files in one go.

    Summaries of the resources published each term are below.

    AUTUMN 2018

    Early Years

    Adult lead activity plan for reception
    Nursery and Reception data analysis from entry to exit

    Updated for Autumn 2018:

    EYFS school assessment planner
    EYFS data analysis
    Disadvantaged and vulnerable children overview
    HfL observation, planning and assessment for schools
    Parent partnership documentation
    Early Years Pupil Premium suite of products (all)


    Planning Platforms Years 1-6  - (available as single years and as 1-6 combined)

    Assessment - SIMS

    SIMS reports - Nov 2018
    SIMS templates - Sept 2018


    ESSENTIALmaths diagnostic tests for Autumn term Year 1-5

    SUMMER 2018

    SIMS AM7 reports - June 2018

    End of Key Stage reports - June 2018

    Detailed English Plans for Years 1-6:

    Year 1 & 2  - Non-fiction instructions - Summer
    Year 2 - Poetry - Autumn
    Year 3 - Recount - Autumn
    Year 4 - Myths - Autumn
    Year 5 - Recount biography - Autumn
    Year 5 & 6 - Cinquain poetry - Autumn

    The HfL writing Teacher Assessment Frameworks (TAFs) - Years 1-6

    The Key Stage 1 mathematics TAFs within ESSENTIALmaths 2018-19

    The Key Stage 1 mathematics TAFs within ESSENTIALmaths 2017-18

    SPRING 2018


    Detailed English plans - Summer
    Steps to spelling
    Handwriting progression and toolkit - KS1 and KS2
    Phonics for spelling and writing: essentials for KS2 leaflet


    Updates to the SIMS AM7 templates and reports - full details of the updates, please see document PA015 Changes to the SIMS AM7 Templates/Reports – March 2018 under SIMS AM7 Reports
    Attainment and progress methodology
    Assessment guidance - updated 2018
    Exemplification of standards in English - Year 3 - B2

    Early Years
    Disadvantaged and vulnerable children overview

    GLD Predictor (Excel version) – In addition to the Word template provided to assist schools in predicting their Good Level of Development (GLD) at the end of EYFS, we have now added an Excel version into the subscription package. This has the added advantage that the percentages on the sheet, for children predicted to achieve the ELGs and GLD, will be calculated automatically.

    Checklist for keeping animals in schools and settings

    Working scientfically criteria tracking sheets - version 2




    PA Plus - English

    Access to high quality, clear and concise English resources, written by subject specialist advisers.

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    PA Plus - maths

    High quality, clear and concise mathematics resources, written by subject specialist advisers.

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    PA Plus - Early Years

    A range of easy to use templates and guidance tools that will help staff at all levels working in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

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    PA Plus - science

    High quality, clear and concise science resources, written by experienced science teachers.

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    PA Plus - assessment (including SIMS resources)

    All the resources required to use the HFL approach to primary assessment of reading, writing, maths and science.

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    Leadership and management

    Additional resources to support leadership and management in primary schools.

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    Up-to-date, practical, easy to use resources to support primary planning and assessment

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