Parent Governor representatives elected as of 1st May 2017

    Mr Jan Cameron (South): I’m an experienced project manager working at a leading university, delivering wide-ranging projects across departments. I am practiced in quality assurance and ensuring stakeholder engagement is in place and met. I am used to auditing projects independently, providing clear recommendations to directors and senior leaders. As a parent governor and deputy chair I lead on several school improvement initiatives that require me to be consultative with staff, parents and pupils. I am used to reviewing policies and ensuring they are fit for purpose and deliver value for money and wish to use my expertise to assist the committee

    Mr Andrew Charlwood (West): I would like to be elected as the Parent Governor Representative for the West area to serve on Hertfordshire County Councils Overview & Scrutiny Committee.  I am vice-chairman/parent governor at a school in Hemel Hempstead.  I am the Head of Governance at a neighbouring local authority and so fully understand the roles and responsibilities of a parent governor representative and how local authority governance, decision-making and overview & scrutiny works.  I am confident that I would be able to represent the views of parents and pupils on the committee in relation to education matters.

    Mrs Natalie Punter (East): I work in charity management and understand strategy, conflicting resource demands and prioritising the needs of service recipients.  I am governor at a school which is excelling at treating children as individuals with different needs, styles and paces of learning and in allowing children to be creative, active and inquisitive within a framework of high educational achievement. I would like to see good practice replicated.

    Elections for the North of the county will be run again in Autumn 2018. 

    If you are interested in the PGR role and would like more information, please email the Governance Helpdesk at

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