The Herts for Learning ‘Developing young scientists part 2 - a guide to supporting children in reviewing, reporting and writing in science’ resource provides primary phase teachers with practical advice about recording in science to support children in evidencing their learning.  With guidance, activities and examples of children’s work, teachers will be supported in developing the challenging working scientifically skills of conclusions and evaluations. Teachers will also gain a range of creative and engaging ideas for ways that children can share their scientific understanding.  

This invaluable resource includes:

  • guidance on development of working scientifically skills and recording in science
  • a detailed commentary on progression in the working scientifically skill areas of conclusions and evaluations across KS1 and KS2
  • guidance on how to support children with analysing data relevant to mathematics and science
  • creative ideas for sharing scientific understanding through developing meaningful links with English

Parts 1 & 2 are available to purchase as a bundle

Subject Science | Working scientifically
Key stage KS1 | KS2
Category Assessment | Age-related expectations | Exemplification | Judgements | Pupil progress | Subject leadership