The Primary mathematics curriculum – mapped, sequenced and resourced.

  • Designed for teachers and leaders
  • Essentially planned

The Herts for Learning maths experts have mapped and connected the curriculum in each year group term by term. Each half-term is developed with an easy to pick up and use set of sequences with step by step guidance. Examples of how concrete and pictorial representations can benefit pupils’ learning as well as other mastery techniques are included. Ideas to deepen and extend mathematical thinking for all learners, examples of great questions and resources to support pupils’ talk and reasoning are embedded.

This is the essential maths planning resource for all Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers.

  • Clear progression to ensure coherence and consistency
  • Quality learning – secure, deepen, keep up
  • Clear teaching guidance and resources
  • Search no more, reinvest your time to focus upon your pupils’ needs

Updated March 2020

The planning resources have been updated to include:

  • destination question support for each sequence in the Summer term. Examples of pupils’ responses are provided. Hazard guidance supports teachers to consider pupils’ readiness to tackle the questions or need for further practice.
  • long term plan overviews for the full year.

Contains: Year 1-6 Summer long term plans, full year long-term plans 

Also available as:

Single years (Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6) for £30 (ex VAT) each

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