MarvellousMe is an app that engages parents by informing them of positive news about their child’s learning and positive behaviour.

It works on tablets, desktops and interactive whiteboards and has been designed to help teachers and parents improve their children’s learning and character development. MarvellousMe is a premium solution for leaders who are passionate about engaging with parents and driving a positive school culture.

Herts for Learning is offering MarvellousMe at a specially negotiated price to Hertfordshire schools to enable teachers to consolidate learning, encourage and praise children and engage with parents with up-to-date positive news. It is super-fast and fun to use in class.

MarvellousMe benefits parents by enabling families to “supercharge” conversations about school and help their children do better. The features have been designed for parents to experience a child’s school day.

Parents and carers get alerts every time a teacher posts an activity, awards a badge or sends a message. These can be shared safely. This enables parents not only to experience a child’s school day but also to have more involvement in a child’s learning and development by sharing and praising positive news.

Post activities

The software enables teachers to tell parents what their children are learning, including home tips, photos, videos and voice messages. It is an ideal way to support plenaries.

Award badges

MarvellousMe can be used to drive positive behaviour and recognise individual success. Award badges can be customised and a comment added to each one.

Message parents

Messages can be broadcast either to all parents or to individuals. Details are kept secure and replies are ‘locked down’.


MarvellousMe enables teachers to track which children are doing well and easily spot those needing help to develop certain skills. Parents can also thank teachers by giving them “Hi5s” via the app, giving teachers an insight into which parents are reading news.

How to purchase MarvellousMe

A school pack is available which provides a whole school access to use MarvellousMe. The pack enables a school to:

  • set up the system quickly and easily, without teacher admin and invite parents automatically
  • create customer groups and share classes. Classes, learning groups, houses and clubs can be assigned, along with relevant details of teachers, teaching assistants and support cover
  • set‑up headteachers, leaders and specialists on MarvellousMe which enables them to give praise too
  • track parent engagement and teacher activity across the school, ensure best practice, keep continuity and evidence success

Find out more and sign up at:

Special offer for Hertfordshire schools: now from £179 per year (was £199 per year), plus a one‑off set-up charge of £499.

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