As a result of disruption caused by COVID 19 schools have been engaged with the following questions; How have we adapted the curriculum to address missed learning and gaps?

What learning have we prioritised? What has informed this decision?

What is it that our learners need that has determined our choices in each year group?

In these, curriculum re-focusing self-evaluation tools, we have identified the key strands of focus for both leaders and teachers:

  • rationale and approach
  • curriculum structure
  • professional development
  • assessment and tracking of progress
  • practical classroom adaptations
  • remote learning

These have been used to create self-evaluation matrices.

Although these are specific to maths, the resources can be used to explore any curriculum area so are a useful suite of tools for all senior and subject leaders.

In addition, a PA Plus Maths Resource Summary document has been created to support high quality provision and curriculum refocusing. Each image is hyperlinked so, if you are logged into your PA plus account, you can click the link to navigate to the exact downloadable resource. These identify key documents but there are many more useful resources on the site.

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Subject Mathematics
Key stage KS1 | KS2
Category Planning | Curriculum | Subject leadership | Transition

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