What makes a great school? A lot has been written about good schools but there has been much less written about great ones. This book explores 9 key components of a truly great school – the Nine Pillars of Greatness.

It draws on a nine year project- Going for Great (G4G)  - led by the authors, working with well over 100 outstanding schools from across London and the surrounding areas.

It considers a range of characteristics that define great schooling, from a school’s values and ethos, leadership and teaching to its curriculum, approach to professional development, learning community and ongoing self-evaluation.

Supported by a wealth of research and written by three authors who have spent their lives in education, striving to build great schools, this book should  appeal, and be of practical use to, all school leaders, governors and educators.

Category Leadership & Management | Leadership | Ofsted | School improvement | School effectiveness | Self-evaluation | Teaching & Learning | Curriculum