Igniting curiosity by creating learning spaces that engage, motivate and inspire young children.

Places to Play Every Day for 2-year-olds is a two-part publication which follows the success from the award-winning Places to Play Every Day for 3-5 year olds.

High-quality experiential play is enabled by access to a well-organised and stimulating learning environment. It is essential that learning spaces reflect the differing developmental needs of two-year olds, so that they are motivated and eager to explore and learn every day.

This guidance will support practitioners in effectively organising their environment,

thereby inviting learning across a range of contexts, indoors and out. Each section provides an overview of a learning space that includes the adult’s role, child’s voice, resources and skills to be taught.

There is an audit supplement to the main guidance. The two publications complement each other as one provides clear guidance and the other enables ongoing self-evaluation to support high-quality provision.


Winner of the Education Resource Awards 2019

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Subject Early years
Key stage EYFS
Category Pupil progress