Invaluable teaching, planning, tracking and assessment resources for primary science teachers . The Primary National Curriculum contains broad statements for each topic and a range of demanding working scientifically objectives which present teachers with challenges around planning for progression and assessment. The primary science package provides a suite of resources, including a range of assessment tasks, tracking documents and a breakdown of knowledge required for each topic to support teachers with these challenges.

The package includes:

  • a progression in scientific knowledge booklet
  • age related expectation sheets for scientific knowledge
  • working scientifically tracking sheets
  • working scientifically assessment tasks (and associated resources)

The Association of Science Education’s “Primary Science” journal (No 145) published 'Securing assessment in Science'  by Herts for Learning teaching and learning adviser – science, Charlotte Jackson in November 2016. The article outlines how she created this pack of resources to support assessment in science and evaluates their impact and use within the primary classroom.  

Published in 2016.

This product consists of digital downloads only, not physical books.

"I have found the primary science package to be an extremely helpful tool for assessment. As a class teacher it has enabled me to make secure and accurate judgements of my pupils’ abilities, both in terms of scientific knowledge and their scientific skills. The assessment tasks are especially useful and ensure that all of the working scientifically criteria have been assessed rigorously in the course of a school year. As a subject leader, these resources ensure that there is a continuity of assessment across the school, which is important when evaluating standards."

Science subject leader at Manor Fields Primary School and Nursery

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