This publication was written for Year 6 teachers to enable them to have further exemplification of writing at Level 6 and to explore the demarcation between Level 5 and Level 6. It has now been updated to align with the official Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Framework, and therefore serves as an excellent set of exemplification to support statutory assessment.

*If you purchased this book prior to its update, you can download the updates here.

The content includes:

  • sub-levelled collections from Year 6 children in Hertfordshire schools, both unannotated handwritten scripts, and annotated scripts
  • individual Level 6 pieces of handwriting, both unannotated and annotated
  • STA/DfE resources guidance and resources from the HfL assessment team to support accurate teacher assessment

Overall, the writing evidence can be used in a variety of ways:

  • standardisation tasks
  • a point of comparison when making level judgements over a collection
  • use in class as a model, in order to exemplify next steps to pupils.

Published in 2014. Updated 2020.

Subject Writing
Key stage KS2
Category Assessment | Exemplification