Herts for Learning’s working scientifically assessment tasks, resources and tracking sheets for primary science teachers can be ordered together in the working scientifically bundle. 

The bundle contains:

Working scientifically assessment tasks

At least one task per topic (30 in total) which:

  • provide a specific opportunity to assess a range of working scientifically skills
  • encourage children to think about the scientific process, make decisions in enquiries and, where possible, explore their own questions
  • are easy to resource and engaging
  • include key questions to challenge and extend scientific thinking
  • provide guidance on differentiation with ideas for support and challenge
  • contain extra guidance and subject knowledge notes where necessary

Working scientifically criteria tracking sheets

  • constructed from the National Curriculum to show breadth and progression in key scientific skills,  these sheets cover the full range of skills children need to cover to become great scientists
  • supported by assessment guidance, specific to each phase these sheets support teachers with making judgements about levels of attainment

Also available as part of the full Primary Science Package.

“The task was very useful in making judgements about the children’s progress. It allowed us to model ‘scientific thinking’ and prompted the children to think a lot deeper about why and how they were goig to carry out the experiment.” 

Class teacher, Bushey Manor Junior School

“This task was great in enabling the children to talk about what they found out. The children enjoyed the peer learning and the working scientifically assessment criteria that accompanied the lesson made it easy to make judgements.”

Class teacher, Pope Paul Catholic Primary School

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