The significant disruption to the curriculum over the last 12 months has presented schools with many challenges for mathematics. Teaching time in this academic year is now limited which means that teachers will not be able to focus on everything but will need to make choices. Time could be invested in looking back and attempting to fix each one of the curriculum gaps. These may well be numerous and there will be much variability between classes.

    The Herts for Learning specialist Primary mathematics advisers believe that now is the time for schools to exert their energies and focus upon the key learning:

    Securing understanding of the significant concepts will support continued pupil success.

    There are many benefits to focusing upon fewer but conceptually significant areas of the curriculum:

    • this allows teachers to construct deep learning in a connected way
    • helps teachers to manage the curriculum demands
    • focusing upon what is significant now helps lay the platform for future learning
    • working on what is important and what is achievable
    • success breeds success – increase pupil confidence now to motivate for new learning

    As time and energy is limited for leaders and teachers, the HfL Primary mathematics team have developed a structured approach, complete with professional development and resources suitable for all schools that will support the success we are all after.

    Summer success in mathematics

    Summer success in mathematics is a structured 12-week programme that runs across the summer term. It supports each leader and teacher to prioritise and focus upon securing the crucial learning.

    Summer success in mathematics programme outline:

    • diagnostic assessment resources support each teacher to identify the key focuses and build a plan to maximise teaching time
    • end of year ‘milestones’ and assessment materials help leaders and teachers build a profile of learning. This supports transition and further planning adaptations for the next academic year
    • professional development is provided in the form of webinars
    • the leadership focus starts and ends the term with live Leadership workshop webinars for Subject Leaders at 1:30-3:15pm on Wednesday 28th April and Wednesday 7th July
    • the individual year group workshop webinars for classroom teachers will take place at 1:30-3:15pm on:
      • Year 1: Tuesday 11th May
      • Year 2: Wednesday 12th May
      • Year 3: Thursday 13th May
      • Year 4: Thursday 20th May
      • Year 5: Tuesday 18th May
      • Year 6: Wednesday 19th May

    Resources included

    • Years 1-6 Sum1 diagnostic suite to identify concept significance focuses
    • Years 1-6 ‘Milestones’ and support materials
    • high-value learning teaching plan
    • transition and curriculum adaptation support materials

    All resources will be accessible via the learning platform. This will include the recorded webinars if ‘attendance’ at the live event is not possible.


    summer success in maths flowchart


    Full programme costs

    All schools £450*

    Small Schools (10% discount)*

    *Hertfordshire County Council is offering a £200 subsidy to every Hertfordshire maintained Primary school on all of the above prices which will be applied at the time of invoicing.

    For full booking terms and conditions and to book your school on to the 12-week programme, please visit the HfL CPD Hub:

    Summer success in mathematics: Course code: MAT/21/286/P

    Full details and access details to join the learning platform will be sent upon booking after which leaders and teachers can then register for their webinars.

    For further information or queries, please contact the HfL Events team at or call 01438 544 477