Our Early Years team is responsive to current national priorities and to the locally identified needs of Early Years practitioners, and is committed to raising early achievement in schools, academies and other educational settings throughout Hertfordshire and beyond.

    Our experienced team of advisers provides support and challenge for self‑evaluation through a quality assurance process, focusing on leadership, action planning and professional development.

    Through a programme of consultancy visits, audits of practice and provision, training, mentoring, surgeries, coaching, network meetings and INSET days, Early Years advisers and consultants can help schools, academies and settings to:

    • build reflective high‑quality teams and a sustainable workforce
    • safeguard children’s wellbeing and foster positive relationships
    • develop high‑quality provision, as recognised by Ofsted
    • offer children exciting and enabling learning environments
    • demonstrate the impact of work through effective self-evaluation
    • enhance the impact of partnership, working with other organisations
    • support the development and progress of all children, especially the most vulnerable or at risk of underachievement

    To discuss any of the services relating to early years improvement and consultancy advisory services both in and out of Hertfordshire, contact earlyyearsteam@hertsforlearning.co.uk or call 01438 845111.