Our team of highly skilled Early Years advisers have many years of experience working effectively with practitioners in schools and settings at all levels to provide bespoke and tailored support, and are responsive to local and national priorities.

    Our experienced team of advisers provides support and challenge for self‑evaluation through a quality assurance process, focusing on leadership, action planning and professional development.

    An agreed programme of support can be planned in consultation with the headteacher or other senior leaders. This may include bespoke consultancy visits, audits of practice and provision, training, mentoring, coaching and Early Years reviews.

    Support can help to:

    • safeguard children’s wellbeing and foster positive relationships
    • develop high‑quality provision through accurate self-evaluation and planning
    • build reflective high‑quality, sustainable teams with strong leadership
    • demonstrate the impact of work through effective self-evaluation
    • offer children exciting and enabling learning environments
    • enhance the impact of partnership, working with other organisations
    • identify successful strategies to support the development and progress of all children, especially the most vulnerable or at risk of underachievement

    Please contact us for details of pricing on 01438 845111 (option 4) or email earlyyearsteam@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Our school has capitalised on the opportunity to share and learn from best practice through a productive partnership working with Herts for Learning


    St Mary's Catholic Primary School (Royston)

    The Early Years super saver package offers a flexible support as below to strengthen or further develop your EYFS setting.   

    • two days consultancy
    • one and a half days consultancy and twilight
    • one day consultancy plus a half day inset

    Advisers will work with you to create a relevant programme of support that will best meet your needs. Time can be used to support with the following activities:

    • self-evaluation and action planning support for senior leaders
    • scrutiny of assessment procedures processes to develop effective and efficient systems
    • staff meeting/s (delivery and planning) and strategies on any aspect of the EYFS
    • ECERS audit of the learning environment (one and a half day equivalent)
    • strategies to enable progress of all children, especially the most vulnerable or those at risk of under achievement
    • developing the adult role to support teaching and learning e.g. joint lesson observations/learning walks, advice on high-quality learning environments
    • adapting the provision for two year olds, to meet the needs of mixed age groups or children eligible for 30-hour funding

    Please contact us for details of pricing on 01438 845111 (option 4) or email earlyyearsteam@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Thank you for your report. You have instilled confidence in the phase leader. She likes the way you break things down and make it manageable. You have had an incredible impact in a short period of time and for that I thank you

    St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

    An external review of the quality of Early Years provision and practice to support self-evaluation and to guide developments in the EYFS.

    A one day full evaluation of all areas of practice with detailed feedback and a written report to helps schools or settings to effectively evaluate their practice and provision and drive improvement.

    Highly experienced senior Early Years advisers will undertake a comprehensive evaluation on all areas of practice including:

    • safeguarding and welfare requirements
    • assessment processes
    • enabling environments
    • staff interactions with children
    • quality of education
    • quality of leadership and management.

    Following the evaluation, a detailed written report will be provided identifying key priorities and recommendations to support and guide improvements in the quality of provision for children.

    Costs are based on size of provision and number of children.

    Please contact us for details of pricing on 01438 845111 (option 4) or email earlyyearsteam@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Many thanks to you and your tea, from my point of view the day was constructive and edifying. I am impressed to receive your report so quickly, many thanks indeed.

    Sherfield School

    Strengthen understanding of the key safeguarding responsibilities in keeping children safe in the early years.

    A half-day audit to review compliance with the EYFS Safeguarding and Welfare requirements that includes comprehensive feedback and report.

    This visit will check for statutory compliance within the Early Years Foundation Stage. It includes a review of premises, practitioner safeguarding knowledge and safer recruitment practices.

    This half day visit:

    • includes a comprehensive audit to review the effectiveness of safeguarding in the Early Years setting
    • supports compliance with the EYFS statutory requirements
    • enables the school to identify and recognise how they ensure children are kept safe
    • includes a report with clear findings and recommendations.

    Please contact us for details of pricing on 01438 845111 (option 4) or email earlyyearsteam@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Thank you so much for coming to work with us on Monday. Your report is going to prove invaluable in ensuring best safeguarding practice. I felt your visit was really collaborative and incredibly useful.


    Sandon JMI School

    A thorough evaluation of the effectiveness of Early Years assessment practice with comprehensive feedback and written report.  This service will equip and empower practitioners and leaders to review the effectiveness and efficiency of their assessment systems and processes, enabling a clearer understanding of how assessment and data can effectively be used to inform practice.

    This one-day visit includes:

    • a review of practices and systems in place for gathering assessment information
    • reflective discussion about the use of your assessment systems to support effective use of the school data
    • support to ensure that all are ‘getting the most out of your data’
    • guidance to ensure your achievement systems support ‘closing the gap’ for the most disadvantaged children
    • a moderation session with Early Years practitioners to facilitate discussion and secure accurate attainment judgements
    • a detailed report that outlines strengths and key areas for development.

    Please contact us for details of pricing on 01438 845111 (option 4) or email earlyyearsteam@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Extremely valuable - was good to have time to discuss and review my children and data. Very supportive and effective for moderatin my judgements and seeing how and why.


    Maple Grove Primary School

    The Herts for Learning Early Years Quality Standards

    Embark on a journey of quality improvement to evaluate your early years practice and provision, to make demonstrable changes through the Herts for Learning Early Years Quality Standards process.


    As Early Years specialists with an in-depth understanding of the current educational landscape, we write blogs as a tool to keep teachers and practitioners up-to-date.

    Training and conferences

    Our advisers deliver central training, present at national and regional conferences and have contributed articles to a range of educational publications. We also enjoy hosting our own conferences, attracting high-calibre speakers such as Alice Sharp, Mine Conkbayir and Iram Siraj.

    We also provide flexible in‑school training, which can take place on INSET days and involve all staff within a school, or can be delivered to a specific group at any other time.

    We also offer an exciting opportunity to complete an online course aimed at developing the knowledge and skills of all Early Years practitioners across all types of Early Years settings.


    The team have also produced a wide range of Early Years resources that completely align with the EYFS statutory framework requirements, including making use of Early Years Pupil Premium, creating engaging learning environments through Places to Play Every Day, assessment criteria and exemplification materials as part of the PA Plus subscription package.

    To discuss any of the services relating to early years improvement and consultancy advisory services both in and out of Hertfordshire, contact earlyyearsteam@hertsforlearning.co.uk or call 01438 845111 (option 4)

    “During our time using our bespoke package, my staff and I have gained confidence in what we offer and what we deliver to such an extent that we achieved Outstanding from Ofsted in all areas in May 2017. Staff were fully ready for the questioning from Ofsted due to the pace at which we had been working in partnership with our adviser."

    Senior Leader

    “I am confident I can drive improvement based on the comprehensive report and clear recommendations given.”