All you need to know about formative assessment: An excellent course which has inspired me to improve my AfL in my classroom.


    Our team has worked with nationally renowned assessment experts, including Shirley Clarke, James Nottingham and Chris Watkins, to develop excellence in formative assessment, including more effective marking and feedback approaches to maximise pupil progress, developing growth mindsets and effective learning cultures in schools.

    We have successfully worked with and supported headteachers, senior and middle leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, governors and parents, across the primary and secondary phases.

    After the removal of levels, in collaboration with our core subject teaching and learning advisers and ICT services, we developed a new approach to tracking pupil progress for primary schools - incorporated within our PA Plus subscription service. This includes detailed assessment criteria to support teachers with curriculum assessment, planning and delivery and a set of tools (linked to SIMS Assessment Manager 7) to support schools and academies with tracking pupils’ progress and analysing the performance of pupil groups, e.g. Pupil Premium and SEND.

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    Overview of in-school training sessions

    • update and overview of formative assessment for learning (AfL)
    • focused session on any specific aspect of AfL, such as engaging lesson starts, clear learning objectives and success criteria, effective feedback for learning, dialogic talk and questioning, and collaborative improvement
    • developing a growth mindset and learning ethos/culture
    • support with summative assessment of children’s work in English and maths, including standardisation and moderation
    • understanding school performance data, e.g. ASP, IDSR and FFT Aspire, and making effective use of the data to support school improvement
    • making assessment judgements and best use of data using PA Plus
    • information evenings for parents/ governors on topics such as: why levels have gone and developing a growth mindset and positive learning attitude

    Overview of in-school consultancy

    • audit/review of formative assessment practice in a school or academy, leading to the creation of a development plan
    • moderation of teachers’ summative assessment judgements
    • one-to-one professional dialogue with a teacher, exploring the evidence of children’s learning
    • support with analysing performance data for school self-evaluation
    • support with PA Plus
    • making effective use of the AM7 reports
    • developing a school-based approach to assessment without levels, e.g. evaluating assessment practices and principles, and work scrutiny

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    Very informative. Excellent guidance for how to tackle SATs and more! Loads of great resources to use in lessons

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