Herts for Learning’s science advisers are well recognised for providing an extensive range of support, training and guidance to improve the capacity of subject leaders and the quality of science teaching in the classroom. This includes:

    • review of learning through lesson observations, monitoring of pupil work, moderating teachers’ planning and pupil voice
    • bespoke training on a range of areas including working scientifically skills, differentiation and assessment
    • monitoring, review and support of science across the school, including a curriculum review

    Primary Science Quality MarkPrimary Science Quality Mark (PSQM)

    Our advisers also work as hub leaders for the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) and support schools in working towards this national award. The award enables primary schools across the UK to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their science provision.

    Schools can achieve PSQM Award, PSQM Gilt Award and PSQM Outreach Award and are offered support and training to develop their science provision. The award is made to a school for impact on teaching and learning of effective leadership in science.

    Primary Science Package

    In response to the removal of levels in the National Curriculum, our team has developed the Primary Science Package to support schools with planning and assessment.

    The package contains a range of resources that have been designed to support teachers in developing understanding of the broad National Curriculum objectives and working scientifically requirements. The resources include:

    • a progression in scientific knowledge booklet
    • age related expectation sheets for scientific knowledge
    • working scientifically tracking sheets
    • working scientifically assessment tasks (and associated resources)

    For further information on all of our school improvement consultancy and advisory services, please contact us.

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