Schools leaders want the best outcomes for students. And helping them to develop a core of confidence will support students to progress both personally and academically.

    Having confidence and resilience helps young people engage with their learning, achieve their goals and be happier in themselves. It also helps them be better equipped to navigate changes in friendships and home lives as well as deal with life’s setbacks.It’s widely recognised that well-being and educational outcomes are intrinsically linked.  A key finding from research commissioned by the Department of Education found:

    “Children with higher levels of well-being have higher levels of academic achievement and are more engaged in schools”

    Department of Education

    Confidence and resilience are important elements of students’ well-being. Unfortunately, with all the challenges our young people face today - social media, friendship changes, body image issues and sometimes difficult home lives - it can be a real struggle for them to build this confidence. A recent survey conducted by the Department of Education showed that 37% of girls reported feeling “unhappy, worthless or unable to concentrate”.

    We are partners with confidence specialists Confident Teens® to offer the innovative Building Resilience programme, which supports years 7, 8 and 9 girls to engage with their learning, achieve their goals and be happier in themselves.  This supports them to be in the best position to progress, both personally and academically, in preparation for their GSCE years.

    Supporting Pupil Premium students

    As the Building Resilience programme addresses barriers to learning including confidence, aspirations and engagement, it is of significant benefit to students receiving Pupil Premium.  The impact of the workshops is carefully measured, using a combination of feedback from students (from structured questionnaires) and from teaching staff, to inform how the difference for Pupil Premium students has been diminished.

    Preventative mental health strategy

    Schools have used Confident Teens® programmes as part of their preventative mental health strategy – to support students to develop their resourcefulness and resilience to handle the inherent pressures of being a teenage girl today.

    “I’ve learnt how to value myself and everything about me.”

    Year 8 Girl

    Focused topicsconfident_teens_visuals.png

    The Building Resilience programme is structured as a 6 week programme of one hour workshops.  The topics covered are those that teenage girls worry about most; by supporting them to find their own strategies for handling these pressures, girls build their confidence and belief in themselves.

    Through the programme, girls develop their understanding of:

    • Confidence
    • Skills for expressing themselves
    • Goals and aspirations
    • Body confidence
    • Relationships
    • Celebrating themselves

    Every girl receives a personalised certificate to mark her completion of the programme.

    Full details of the programme at

    Proven record shows impact

    This programme has a proven record in a number of Hertfordshire schools, including Hitchin Girls’ School, Roundwood Park School and Watford Grammar School for Girls. It has received positive feedback from teachers, parents, and pupils.

    95% of students assessed the workshops as excellent/good and two-thirds reporting that what they learnt caused them to change their attitude or approach.

    “This pupil is much more engaged and willing to try difficult questions”

    Secondary school teacher


    Confident Teens® Building Resilience programme includes:

    • Six one-hour workshops with a group of 15 girls (from years 7, 8 or 9)
    • All resources including 6 x four page full colour workbooks for every student to keep for reference
    • A personalised certificate for every girl marking her completion of the Building Resilience programme
    • Full feedback report for school to measure impact

    One Building resilience programme (for 15 girls) £2,950 for HfL shareholders and £3,338 for non-HfL shareholders

    Two Building Resilience programmes (for 30 girls) £3,950 for HfL shareholders and £4,470 for non-HfL shareholders


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