Jigsaw PSHE connects the pieces of Personal, Social and Health Education, emotional literacy, social skills and spiritual development into an easy to use lesson-a-week programme.

    Designed as a whole-school approach, Jigsaw provides a detailed and comprehensive scheme of learning for ages 3-16.  Jigsaw makes teachers’ lives easier by providing well-structured, progressive lesson plans with teaching resources included.

    A unique lesson-a-week programme with all teaching resources is included, with ongoing support and updates as part of the package. Flexible delivery model for secondary and a whole-school approach with assemblies and weekly celebrations.

    The Primary Programme is also supported by two additional programmes: Jigsaw Families (a parenting programme) and the Resilience and Engagement Scale and Toolkit (REST) for building more resilience.

    Their website includes mapping documents showing how Jigsaw significantly contributes to:

    • Safeguarding
    • Prevent
    • Equalities
    • British Values
    • Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development
    • Anti-bullying
    • Positive behaviour

    It also looks at how Jigsaw makes a real difference to Personal Development and Behaviour and Attitudes, manifesting the expectations of the 2019 Ofsted framework and the requirements needed for the Relationships, Sex and Health Education that is statutory from 2020.

    They are proud to be working with around 100 Hertfordshire schools already and look forward to welcoming more schools to the Jigsaw Community.

    For more information and for inspection materials, please contact: 01202 377193 or visit: www.jigsawpshe.com 

    HfL would like to remind schools that they are obligated to conduct a compliant procurement process.