Project focus

    The Herts for Learning Spelling SOS KS2 Project focuses on:

    • improving the standards in spelling for a group of target pupils
    • enabling pupils to have a more positive relationship with spelling
    • developing memory strategies to support pupils in storing their learning in their long-term memory, and accessing and applying this learning in independent writing
    • developing teachers’ subject knowledge in order for them to be able to identify pupils’ misconceptions accurately, and prioritise key learning areas for individuals
    • how to implement and manage a whole class teaching sequence that meets the varying needs of individuals.

    The full eight-week project can be delivered to schools in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties, including London. 

    Participate in this project

    We are not currently recruiting for schools to take part in the full eight-week project. 

    Bespoke consultancy support for individual schools around this focus area is also available and we can also offer the Spelling SOS KS2 Project as a one-day online training event.

    Please contact us for further information.

    Impact and outcomes

    The Spelling SOS KS2 project has been designed to have a swift and powerful impact on pupils’ spelling achievement in a short period. Following successful implementation of the project, targeted pupils will be on an improved trajectory towards EXS in writing at the end of KS2; have a more positive relationship with spelling; be more enthusiastic, confident spellers with an increased understanding and knowledge.

    Teachers will have an increased understanding of the different routes children take into spelling. Subject knowledge will be developed, and this will enable teachers to identify misconceptions accurately, and prioritise key learning areas to focus on for individuals. 

    Project delivery

    Participants will receive the project CPD through a one-day launch session, a mid-project twilight and a final, ‘celebratory’ half-day session.  In addition, participating schools will receive a two-hour mid-project visit, where elements of the project can be tailored toward specific school needs.  The training is available for two delegates from the project school: the class project teacher, and the subject leader/project lead.

    On the day of the launch, class teachers complete a miscue analysis for each project pupil (four pupils), and before the project begins they also complete assessments for these pupils. This information is used to prioritise key learning areas for individuals. The assessments are repeated at the end of the eight week intervention to gather impact measures. Full instructions for how to administer these are provided on the project’s launch day.

    Each school is allocated a project adviser. The adviser will be on hand throughout the project period to answer queries and support the school as needed. The adviser will also analyse the project data and share this with the school. As part of the project, participating teachers are asked to work with a group of four pupils for ten minutes each per week (four sessions of 10 minutes) for an eight-week period.

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