This innovative and sharply focused programme is designed to support teachers of writers in Years 4 and 5 to meet age-related expectations in the following aspects of their writing: word and phrase choice, sentence structure and overall composition. Drawing upon our highly successful work in reading fluency, the approaches and resources are designed to develop writing fluidity, stamina, and confidence.

    Programme aims and intentions

    This fully planned and resourced programme of writing units is designed to support the development of knowledge, skills, and motivation in writing for children whose writing shows some or all of the following tendencies:

    • leans heavily on the listing of events with no real flow; writing that is predominantly made up of straightforward statements,
    • has a limited use of cohesive devices – overreliance on series of discrete statements, sometimes unduly repetitive
    • shows a limited sense of rhythm – at phrase, clause and sentence level
    • lacks an awareness of a reader
    • suggests a limited range of writerly techniques have been drawn upon
    • has either very little detail, or too much detail where it wasn’t really required
    • demonstrates an insecure grasp of sentence structure (unconventional use of conjunctions; sentence fragments; omission of words) that may well be accompanied by shaky demarcation
    • lacks a sense of direction, perhaps meandering aimlessly through events; essentially, writing that does not effectively speak to its intended reader.

    Participate in this programme

    The full programme is made up of three units of work that are tightly designed, fully resourced, and that offer a cohesive set of approaches to writing.  Winning at Writing lends itself to whole-class work, and for group and individual support.  Icons are used to help children develop an awareness of strategies that will help them to regulate their own writing, and transfer the taught skills across the curriculum. As such, this helps to develop metacognition around writing.

    Impact and outcomes

    The Winning at Writing programme will provide children with: direction; writing fluidity; authorial voice; sentence control; variation of sentence structures; independence and most of all, motivation and confidence. The focus on flow in writing, as well as improved language use and sentence control support children in making accelerated progress towards EXS in writing at the end of KS2.

    Teachers reflecting on the impact noted the following benefits:

    • reluctant writers asking to write at home
    • greater awareness of the reader
    • teachers and children alike loving the creativity bringing the reader and the purpose back into writing
    • children enjoying editing
    • increased output
    • improved use of writing tools and writerly strategies.

    Programme delivery

    Teachers will be provided with three sequences of lessons (with two alternative sequences for future flexibility).  The three core sequences include twenty detailed lessons with a range of resources and a variety of innovate approaches to support the focus children with the skills and confidence required for age-related writing.  The lessons are designed to be delivered as whole-class teaching or used for targeted support.  Teachers will benefit from a heightened awareness, and deeper subject knowledge of the principles and elements that support precise, effective writing. As such this programme has the potential to support whole school development of writing. These fully resourced plans are based on a carefully selected and focused use of high-quality texts.

    Programme schedule

    Participants will engage in three training sessions.  All sessions are offered remotely, including a half-day launch event in which the programme rationale is set out, and the resources and approaches are fully introduced, explained and exemplified.

    Half-day, online live launch event
    An exemplified Introduction to the plans and resources

    1.5 hour live webinar
    Mid-programme twilight session for sharing and trouble shooting

    Half-day live webinar
    Final cluster for celebration, sharing and next steps including how to embed gains from the programme and extend more widely across the curriculum

    Full programme costs

    The cost of this training is £225 (+VAT) for the first delegate and £170 (+VAT) for each additional delegate per school.

    The next programme will run in the autumn term, starting on Tuesday 11th October 2022.

    Please visit the HfL CPD Hub for further details and to book places, course code: ENG/22/487/P

    For further information or queries, please contact the HfL Events team at or call 01438 544477.

    Further reading

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    Raising writing standards in Years 4 and 5 - Martin Galway and Jane Andrews share insights from the development and roll out of a new writing programme that focuses on developing confident writers.


    “I think one of my biggest takeaways is how engaging and encouraging this has been for my usually reluctant writers…they're happier taking risks and trying new writing techniques and it's been almost a missing puzzle piece and all of a sudden other things like paragraphs that I haven't even mentioned as part of this are now being used.”

    Joanna Marfleet, Wicklewood Primary School and Nursery School, Wymondham.

    “We have found our children with SEND are really engaging and feeling able to achieve high standards. Our higher achieving children are making better choices with vocab and being more considered writers. So the unit has supported all the different levels in class…We are celebrating the energy and enthusiasm the children have showed us throughout the writing so far.”

    Sonia Noble-Parker, Teacher, North Denes Primary School, Great Yarmouth


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