Project focus: brief explanation of the project/research proposal

    Are you worried that many of your Lower Key Stage 2 (LKS2) children just cannot seem to learn their multiplication facts?  The Herts for Learning - Making sense of ‘x’ pilot research project aims to measure the impact of providing children with a progressive pathway through multiplication concepts such as group structure, co-ordinating units, associative and distributive law.  The project will incorporate strategies such as skip counting, number pattern recognition and control of the array.

    By the end of the pilot project our Primary mathematics advisers will refine a diagnostic assessment and develop a range of proven teaching resources to improve the trajectory of LKS2 pupils by increasing the number of pupils able to access multiplication understanding and facts fluently. 

    Three advisers from the HfL Primary maths team will lead the project: Charlie Harber, Rachel Rayner and Rachael Watt.


    Project design: to cover the following:

    The 11-week pilot project will be delivered to schools in Hertfordshire and surrounding counties beginning on Tuesday 26th March 2019 and ending in July.

    Participating schools will be required to identify a teacher (Year 3 or Year 4) and a nominated project lead who can commit to the following activities -

    1. One central training day for two delegates on 26th March 2019.
    2. Baseline assessment of 6 children using the HfL Multiplication fluency check and submit data.
    3. A half-day consultancy support in participant schools.
    4. A half-day cluster meeting/training (twilight session) on Wednesday 8th May 2019.
    5. Impact assessment of six children using the HfL Multiplication fluency check and submit data
    6. Advisers diagnosing gaps and barriers for children as well as impact assessed at the beginning and end of the project

    Schools for the pilot project are being selected by application and expressions of interest for this innovative project can be registered by completing our online Expressions of Interest form

    The deadline for submitting applications is Friday 8th February 2019 and our advisers will contact all schools to let them know whether they were successful, week commencing Monday 18th February 2019. 

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