Our Data Management Services team offers advice and support across the suite of modules for Management Information System (MIS) software via our ICT Service Desk. We also offer implementation and support in the use of SIMS including consultancy, training, documentation and onsite visits for headteachers, senior leaders, business managers and administrators.

    Additional services provided specifically for secondary phase schools (maintained and academy) include:

    SIMS consultancy for school leaders, senior managers and administrators

    Our Data Management Services team is able to provide a bespoke SIMS consultancy service, which can be arranged by an initial call to the ICT Service Desk. This is in addition to the published training courses which are available throughout the year.

    Consultancy visits can cover a range of topics:

    • to help a school self-evaluate their use of the SIMS system
    • to talk to the school senior leadership team about the implementation of a new area of SIMS
    • to implement achievement and behaviour rewards and sanctions linked to a school’s behaviour policy
    • to work with staff to record lesson and session attendance in the classroom
    • to work with a group of staff to enhance the assessment, analysis and reporting system
    • to help support the creation of the school timetable and its ongoing maintenance and curriculum analysis
    • to analyse existing data in the SIMS system
    • bespoke on-site training

    If there are other items you would like to discuss that are not listed here, please contact us via the ICT Service Desk on 01438 844777 (option 1, option 1) or email help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    SIMS Assessment Manager (AM7)

    Most secondary and middle settings are using SIMS Assessment Manager in some way and will therefore have very different training needs. This could range from a new member of staff with no previous knowledge, to an experienced data manager who needs to progress on to the more complex analysis of data. Our team can help with both and all stages in between.

    SIMS Staff Performance

    SIMS has provided this module as an enhancement to the Personnel area that will enable a school to keep the annual ‘performance related pay’ appraisal process simple and manage the objectives, observations and review processes.

    This is a very cost effective option for schools as well as being easy to implement, as all the staff and class information is already in SIMS, with the added benefit that staff are also familiar with using SIMS.

    We can show you how to:

    • record and manage lesson observations for teaching staff
    • record and manage individual staff objectives
    • record and manage staff reviews
    • record and manage training and development
    • build and manage a staff performance record
    • report and analyse data to manage outcomes
    • extract the necessary data for Ofsted inspections
    • link directly to existing staff data held in SIMS

    Behaviour Management

    Behaviour Management is part of the SIMS suite of programs to aid the implementation of a school’s behaviour policy in a consistent and effective way. SIMS functionality allows positive and negative behaviour data to be entered, managed, analysed and reported upon and ensures student records are comprehensive. A catalogue of analysis reports have been produced to enable this data to be extracted and viewed in various formats.

    NovaT6 and Timetable

    Our team provides expertise to help the school timetabler through the whole timetable process. We offer a series of services and courses covering the following:

    • the whole timetable construction process
    • a full NovaT6 support service including a timetable writing service, according to unique requirements
    • a timetable analysis service for an existing timetable - including a quality check and a service to review the timetablers’ use of the NovaT6 software, to ensure that schools are getting the best out of the tools available
    • a review of the financial efficiency of the school timetable is also available. This particular service has resulted in significant savings for some schools, of over £100,000.

    Additional SIMS Services and Health Checks

    Our team has developed a range of module specific services to identify and improve how a school is using specific areas of SIMS. This may be in the form of a remote service, or an on-site visit to check the quality of the data and to ensure that modules in the software are being used to full potential.

    Guidance on processes to improve data quality, and to ensure that SIMS is being used efficiently and effectively throughout the school or academy, will be provided throughout the session. Areas covered by this service include:

    • Pupil Premium checking
    • Attendance and Lesson Monitor
    • Behaviour Management
    • SEN
    • Exam Basedata
    • Post-16 data and Course Manager
    • Personnel and Cover
    • SIMS database/SQL maintenance


    The Data Management Services Support Contract pricing will depend on various factors, including student numbers and the SIMS modules in use. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 844777 (option 1, option 1) or help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk, so we can discuss your support needs.

    For further information on any of our services or training courses for secondary phase schools and academies, please contact us:

    Data Management Services
    Tel: 01438 844777 (option 1, option 1)
    Email: help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk

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