Our English advisers work alongside school and academy leaders, subject leaders and teachers to identify needs and then provide personalised support to address these needs. They are highly respected, are renowned for being experts in their field and have:

    • outstanding curriculum and subject knowledge
    • extensive experience of developing and improving schools
    • a proven track record of improving teaching and learning
    • strong, well-established relationships with schools, academies and local partners both in Hertfordshire and nationally
    • a well-established programme of working directly with students to boost achievement

    English consultancy packages include:

    • subject-specific review
    • planning and designing the subject curriculum for maximum success (KS3-5)
    • middle leadership support and coaching
    • maximising progress at GCSE and A level
    • examination 'countdown' planning
    • assessment validation and moderation at GCSE and A level
    • a well-established programme of working directly with students to boost achievement at GCSE and A level

    Training and conferences

    Our advisers deliver English training courses and host annual conferences for Heads of English in the autumn and summer terms, providing the most up-to-date curriculum news and guidance for English subject leaders.

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    To find out more about any of the consultancy and support packages detailed here, or to arrange a bespoke consultancy visit both in and out of Hertfordshire

    Please call 01438 845111 or email: secondaryenglish@hertforlearning.co.uk

    See below for our English consultancy packages best sellers:

    This comprises a full review of provision in English, focusing on key areas highlighted by the school e.g. teaching and learning, leadership, assessment and progression, curriculum planning, achievement. The English adviser will work with the SLT and the subject leader to assess current provision and make recommendations. Activities could include:

    • review and analysis of available data
    • lesson observations (including paired observations)
    • staff discussions/interviews
    • student discussions/interviews
    • review of key documentation including improvement plans and schemes of work


    Recommended two days for full review

    £625 per day for HfL shareholders (£705 per day for non-HfL shareholders)

    (add £205 for a full written report)

    Our English advisers will work with the subject leader to review the progress of Year 11, identify key gaps and support intervention planning. Activities will include:

    • review and analysis of all available progress data for Year 11 groups
    • review of Year 11 work (assessments) to identify patterns of underperformance and improvements needed
    • support intervention planning – including support for leaders to create, adapt and monitor “countdown” teaching plans, interventions and key assessments to ensure improved achievement for all groups

    We also offer an optional GCSE booster whereby our adviser works with the subject leader to plan and deliver a bespoke booster session for identified students. Pricing is agreed at the time of booking and includes planning and resources

    Cost: £625 per day for HfL shareholders (£705 per day for non-HfL shareholders):

    Planning and designing a creative and challenging English curriculum at KS3, GCSE and A level.

    Our English advisers will work with the subject leader to review and update the English curriculum to maximise engagement and progress. Activities include:

    • a full review of schemes, resources and assessments in the selected key stage
    • recommendations for improvement and support with timelines for implementation
    • support with mapping progression from KS2 to GCSE and A level

    There is an optional extension to this package, to model best practice planning and ensure appropriate challenge and progression at GCSE level..


    Recommended one day per Key Stage Cost: £625 per day (£705 per day for non-HfL shareholders)

    Optional extension package is also charged at the same day rate.

    Our English advisers will work with the subject leader to review the progress of the department and their impact to date, identify necessary improvements and lead future developments.

    Activities include:

    • review and analysis of available data
    • review of key documentation including improvement plans
    • support for monitoring and evaluation across the department
    • review of progress at key points with action planning for further development


    Recommended two to three days for new subject leaders

    £625 per day for HfL shareholders (£705 per day for non-HfL shareholders)

    Our English advisers will moderate a sample of key assessment pieces, review patterns of under performance and provide a summary report to support intervention planning. This package comprises:

    • moderation of key assessment pieces, including mock examinations
    • a report on recommendations around standards of marking and key teaching points to maximise progress
    • checking current data-tracking and progress information is accurate, and allows for specific targeting of intervention


    £625 per day for HfL shareholders (£705 per day for non-HfL shareholders). Number of scripts to be negotiated at time of booking.

    GCSE English Language and Literature trial exam marking service

    • individual marks per question
    • overall mark
    • specific targets
    • key developmental questions
    • annotations directly ilnked to exam criteria
    • written report including summary of whole cohort and individual classes
    Package Marking inc. annotations Data spreadsheet input Final report Price per script
    Enhanced X X X £13.00
    Basic X   X £12.00

    Trial exam verification service

    Moderate a sample of scripts across all groups and:

    • annotate scripts and change marks, as appropriate ,with clear explanation as to why these changes have been made
    • summary report including
      - strengths and areaas for development in students' responses
      - comment on the accuracy/quality of marking
    • price per package £625 for up to 32 papers

    GCSE  English revision and exam support

    In-school Language or Literature booster (3 hour or full day) workshop after Easter at a reduced rate

    Up to 30 minutes, 2 teachers and all resources provided.
    3 hour session £1,140 (inc VAT)

    AQA GCSE English Language walking talking mock paper 1 or 2

    Key focus on reading section with top tips for writing section.
    2 hours - £315 (excluding cost of copying exam papers)

    Post trial exam one to one or two to one student feedback session

    Fifteen minute sessions with student(s) focusing on one exam paper they have just completed, providing verbal feedback and strategies for improvement.
    Half day cost £313
    Full day cost £625

    GCSE English Language Year 12 November intensive re-sit workshop

    For more information contact training@hertsforlearning.co.uk


    Subject specific training for secondary NQTs and trainees: English

    This unique, subject-level programme for secondary English NQTs and trainees offers intensive and specialist English training and development from recognised experts in their subject. It develops subject expertise and practice in the classroom. NQTs are provided with a range of resources and strategies to try out at school as well as having the opportunity to network and share strategies with other NQTs and trainees teaching English.

    For more information contact training@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    * all prices are subject to VAT where appropriate

    "I wanted to say a huge thank you for your support this week. There has been a big shift in focus since your work with us. There are many plans in place now that have a clear strategy and are being supported at all levels. I look forward to working with you again soon."

    Associate Vice Principal