“The programme has been inspiring, motivating and encouraging. Some really good ideas to try with children. Made me think about how to help them with their learning and create a growth mindset"


    This education-focused support programme can be delivered directly to parents in both primary and secondary schools. The benefits of the programme includes:

    • An improvement of education outcomes
    • increase parental involvement to enable relationships with school to become stronger

    Feedback has been positive from parents/ carers, their children, and also headteachers.

    The programme adopts a module approach, with each module focused on a different learning technique. The programme comprises six practical modules, which are delivered to parents in primary and secondary schools by a Parent2Parent® Lead.

    The following information provides a flavour of some of the programme content for parents and carers:

    • exploring the human brain and what helps or hinders learning
    • developing effective ways of communicating
    • developing intelligence by exploring the hard work and effort required to help a child’s or a young adult’s brain to develop
    • understanding how confidence affects learning
    • realising the importance of having a go and learning from mistakes
    • building resilience and the ability to bounce back during difficult times
    • learning about emotional intelligence and understanding feelings
    • developing ways to enhance a child’s capacity to think smarter and progress further
    • developing a growth mindset
    • supporting a thinking through open-ended questions

    What is Parent2Parent®? Parent2Parent® is …

    Collaborative – it helps parents/carers understand the foundations of child and teenage development and the approaches used by schools.

    Practical – it draws on real life experiences, providing opportunities for parents/carers to explore activities that can be used at home.

    Theory‑based – modules are built on relevant educational theory and research, illustrated through discussions and a range of activities.

    Topical – its content addresses current hot topics such as resilience, independent learning and aspiration building.

    Thought‑provoking – the model encourages parents/ carers to reflect on their own beliefs and learn ways of enhancing education outcomes.

    Parent2Parent® is not …

    A parenting course – and is not designed to challenge or promote any parenting styles.

    Exclusive – it has not been developed exclusively for parents/carers of children or teenagers with difficulties. It is a universal programme, which has an impact on children and teenagers from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

    Curriculum and homework – it is not focused on the curriculum and homework, but on generic learning themes such as how our minds work, how confidence affects our learning, and how to model and build positive relationships.

    Divisive – the programme is intended to promote greater understanding and collaboration between home and school.

    Academic – parents/carers do not require any academic qualifications to participate, they just need to be interested and motivated to support their children and teenager to become the best learner they can be.

    Parent2Parent® can be offered within a primary or secondary school or to a cluster/group of schools. Once parents have completed the programme, they are able to apply to become Parent2Parent® Leads themselves, so they can deliver the programme to other parents in their school or a cluster of schools in their area. Please note that the programme is adapted to suit either children of primary school age, or teenage children of secondary school age.


    Please contact us for further information and details of pricing on 01438 845111 or email info@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    All Parent2Parent® costs can be met through Pupil Premium funding where appropriate.


    Parent2Parent® team
    Tel: 01438 845111
    Email: p2p@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    “I have been trying to get parents at my school on board for years. This has revolutionised my relationship with them; now I think we’ve finally cracked it!


    "My mum spoke to me about how having a growth mindset is different to a fixed mindset - this will help me to enjoy learning new things”

    Feedback from a child

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