The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. Herts for Learning Ltd (HfL) is a public-owned Company, jointly owned by Hertfordshire schools and Hertfordshire County Council (HCC).  Freedom of Information requests made to HfL are managed on our behalf by HCC’s Information Governance Unit.

    Requests for information are covered by the Freedom of Information Act if they:

    • Are made in writing (email or letter)
    • Include the name of the person making the request
    • Include an email or postal address for correspondence
    • Describe the information requested

    We will respond to these requests within 20 working days.

    How to make a request

    As outlined by the Information Commissioners Office, you have the legal right to request any information that we hold and to get help from us in accessing that information.

    Email: To make a request by email please contact:

    Post: To make a written request by post please write to:

    The Data Protection Officer
    Herts for Learning Ltd (SROB201)
    Robertson House
    Six Hills Way
    SG12 0JN

    Contact details