Herts for Learning is offering a discounted price for Britannica Digital Learning packages. Britannica School is an award-winning online interactive resource, which is in alignment with the National Curriculum and designed for all ages and abilities.

The online platform is updated daily with articles and multimedia elements, curated by the world’s leading editorial experts. This service is a solid ground to start any research project, with access anytime, anywhere.

Pupils and teachers will also benefit from millions of rights‑cleared images that can be used in studies. There is no worry about copyright infringements as each image comes with the complete metadata, including course, copyright holder, caption and keywords.

britannica.jpgThe digital resource has been designed for all ages and abilities and has three levels to support the most and least able students. The strict Britannica Digital guidelines ensure that all content, including images, are safe and accurate. The service also supports Ofsted requirements for parental engagement, students who have English as an additional language and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC).

For more details about Britannica Digital Learning, visit: www.Britannica.co.uk.


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