Empower your staff, encourage power and love in teaching and leadership and watch the impact on outcomes.

'Power and Love in Teaching and Leadership' is part of the National Learning Trust’s video based CPD portfolio for all teachers, teaching assistants and governors.

It enables schools and practitioners to focus on their organisation’s culture and to identify effective strategies in teaching, professional development and leadership.

Each CPD pack contains a DVD and full facilitator notes, giving schools the option to review the material at any time.

Why invest in the programme?

  • the programme focuses on an effective culture of an organisation which is crucial to staff morale and improved outcomes for learners
  • the programme provides a practical solution to the difficulties that many schools have in sending their staff on courses
  • staff and governors are able to enhance their professional development by gaining access to high-quality educational leaders and speakers
  • the video form enables staff and governors to reflect and embed new ideas

This programme is brought to you by Herts for Learning on behalf of the National Learning Trust.

Order your copy by 31st October 2018 to receive the launch price of £500.

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