The PA Plus assessment model was developed by highly experienced advisers working with schools together to create solution for tracking pupils’ progress towards the end of Key Stage standards of the National Curriculum. The team of advisers emphasize the principles of focusing on formative assessment, as this is where the most gains to pupils’ learning can be made.

    The detailed assessment criteria, created by subject experts, support teachers with planning and assessment in reading, writing, maths and science across Key Stages 1 and 2.

    The assessment model enables teachers to track the performance of individuals, key groups of pupils (e.g. gender, Pupil Premium etc) and classes – and to quickly identify where extra support is necessary.

    Our unique analysis tools, which run on SIMS Assessment Manager 7, enable school leaders to easily explore attainment and progress across Years 1-6, identify key areas for support, and demonstrate the impact of initiatives.  See the SIMS Resources List.

    Subscribing to PA Plus is excellent value and provides access to all these assessment materials.

    For advice and support on using these materials please contact the Assessment Team on 01438 844863.

    Note: for schools using SIMS, the HfL EYFS Progress Toolkit enables you to record Early Years Outcomes Age Band assessment data into AM7 and generate analysis reports. The Toolkit and helpline support is not included within this subscription; for more information please visit The Grid.

    Assessment - guidance

    Overview and guidance to the HfL assessment system.

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    Assessment - reading and writing

    Assessment criteria for reading and writing.

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    Assessment - maths

    Assessment criteria for maths.

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    Assessment - science

    Assessment criteria for science.

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    Assessment - SIMS AM7 templates

    Templates and instructions for setting up marksheets to record the termly summative assessment data.

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    Assessment - SIMS AM7 reports

    SIMS reports provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the summative assessment data.

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