This suite of documents supports schools with predicting the good level of development (GLD) at the end of EYFS (Reception) in line with the new EYFS reforms from September 2021.

These documents support schools to look ahead at children's attainment against the new ELG's. As a result schools will be able to identify children who are at risk of not attaining the GLD, possible gaps in attainment and how the provision and planning can be adapted to maximise the children's chances to attain the GLD.

Senior leadership teams will be able to utilise this information to support pupil progress meetings, to support the strategic planning of interventions and contribute to PMD meetings.

In addition to the Word template provided to assist schools in predicting their Good Level of Development (GLD) at the end of EYFS, we also provide an Excel version, which has recently been updated with additional functionality and the new ELG’s. As well as having group level percentages calculated for you across the top of the sheet, i.e. the number and percentage of children that are predicted to achieve each individual ELG and the overall GLD, the updated Excel version now enables schools to indicate which children belong to certain key groups within the cohort (e.g. Pupil Premium, CLA, etc.). This provides the added ability to analyse the predicted GLD outcomes for those groups, using the filtering options build into the sheet, detailing the percentage in each group achieving the expected standard along with the percentage for ‘everyone else’ in the cohort, e.g. schools can see very quickly the proportion of Pupil Premium children predicted to reach the GLD alongside the proportion of non-Pupil Premium children.’

Subject Early years
Key stage EYFS
Category Judgements

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