Live and On Air! Sandridge School Radio and TV (Part 2)

    Published: 13 February 2018

    In my last blog post I wrote about the exciting Radio Station project running at Sandridge School in Hertfordshire. Read the whole article here if you missed it. The school had a taken a ‘DIY’ lower cost approach to equipping their radio station, and almost 70 KS2 children are involved in planning and delivering the radio shows on a rota basis.

    But the radio station is only half the story, because after the initial success of Sandridge Radio, the school decided to go one step further and create Sandridge TV, also led by their ICT Technician Richard Sherwood.

    Once again, without large budgets, Richard took a DIY approach to equipping this project, with three video cameras, some microphones and stands and a green screen. Editing is carried out using iMovie on a second hand, loaned Mac computer.

    Sandridge TV runs as a club on Friday afternoons and currently involves around 20 children. Each term there is a different project to work on, for example a News project. This is based on local community news, and involves filmed interviews with guests, which are then edited into TV-News style videos on a computer, and shared online via the school’s Vimeo channel (with full permission from parents and carers, of course.) Their news programmes have included an interview with the police about speeding in Sandridge village, and a feature on Heartwood Forest, which is local to the school. The children were also pleased to welcome, amongst others, star of BBC 1’s DIY SOS programme, Billy Byrne, to the school for an interview.

    I liked it because I got to zoom in and out.

    A pupil

    Sandridge TV - Heartwood Forest

    Some of the most exciting activities in the club have been the opportunities to go out of school and interview the stars of local pantomimes at venues such as the Alban Arena in St. Albans, and the Harpenden Public Halls. When EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing star Jake Wood appeared in Peter Pan in St. Albans, the children from Sandridge TV were there to interview him and the rest of the cast. This involved researching, planning and writing down the questions they would ask each actor, in advance, and then filming, editing and finally sharing the films online.

    Children interview Jake Wood
    Children interview TV star Jake Wood

    The person I interviewed was on Britain’s Got Talent. I liked seeing that I had interviewed someone that's actually famous.

    A pupil

    To extend the media experience that the children get through the club, Richard successfully bid for a slot at Sky TV’s Sky Academy Skills Studios. 30 children from years 5 and 6 went on this day out at a professional TV studio in London, where they made a news report with experts in the field. They worked together to create a bulletin about eSafety, and at the end of the day they took away a finished copy of their video.

    He really enjoyed the experience and came home that day and said, ‘When I am older I would like to be a Camera Man’

    A parent

    Sky Academy News Report from Sandridge Pupils

    To mark the hard work of everyone involved, the school runs a special celebration event at the Sandpit Theatre at nearby secondary school Sandringham. Invitations are extended to the whole school community and new videos from the club are exclusively revealed.

    As with the radio station, feedback from parents about how these opportunities and experiences have helped their children has been extremely positive. They have remarked on how their confidence has improved, as well as their speaking, listening, research and ICT skills. Once again my thanks go out to Richard Sherwood and the children and parents of Sandridge School for sharing their experiences with me.

    They had such fun while learning. She really enjoyed showcasing their work at the local theatre and although she was a bit bashful as everyone was looking at it, you could clearly see how much fun she had.


    This has been an amazing experience for her, and we feel very fortunate that Sandridge School has such dedicated staff able to provide such unique opportunities.


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