The Governance Services team is focused on developing the effectiveness of governing boards across all schools, academies, MATs and Early Years settings. The team has significant experience in governance, and is proud of its strong collaborative partnerships with both the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Hertfordshire Association of School Governors (HASG).

    The range of services provided has been designed to support governors and trustees to ensure their school or academy delivers high-quality education. The Governance Services team support governing boards to have the knowledge, understanding and skills to fulfil their roles and responsibilities.

    Many of our governance services are available for schools, academies and multi-academy trusts outside of Hertfordshire.

    An independent and impartial helpdesk supporting governors and trustees on matters relating to statutory legislation and help solve governance related issues.

    Maintained schools

    The Governance helpdesk is funded for all maintained schools in Hertfordshire. Comprising unlimited advice, covering:

    • safeguarding
    • instrument of government
    • governor recruitment and election
    • school‑based complaints
    • reconstitution, including updating of the instrument of governance.

    Schools subscribing to this service receive:

    • unlimited telephone and email support for governors
    • a welcome letter for all new governors, ensuring they are fully aware of the training opportunities available to become a skilled and functioning member of a governing board.
    • access to the termly governor e-newsletter containing key updates on educational developments, providing governors with relevant content in an easy-to-digest format

    Academy schools/MATs

    Academy schools can purchase this service for £200 per board. Comprising unlimited advice, covering:

    • safeguarding
    • governor recruitment and election
    • school‑based complaints

    This service is intended to offer advice and guidance to governing boards, e.g. if academies need to ask a question relating to safeguarding, or are looking for support with developing effective governance. This service is not intended to act as a legal service.

    Academies/MATs subscribing to this service receive:

    • access to the termly governor e-newsletter containing key updates on educational developments, providing trustees with relevant content in an easy-to-digest format

    If you would like more details of this service or pricing for non-Hertfordshire settings please call the Governance helpdesk on 01438 843082 or email your requirements to


    The consultancy service provides practical assistance to bespoke projects. Providing a flexible approach that delivers sustainable solutions to meet individual school or academy needs. The support, advice and guidance provided enables governing boards to fully concentrate on delivering sound governance practices. Examples of these might be:

    • producing bespoke governance related policies
    • attending stakeholder consultation meetings
    • federation preparation support (maintained schools only)

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service on 01438 843082 or

    A range of training courses (face-to-face or online) are available to all governors, either as part of their annual training subscription, or on a pay‑as‑you‑use basis.

    Providing cost effective and flexible training that delivers sustainable solutions to meet statutory responsibilities. Courses can be accessed/booked online with course details included in the Herts for Learning training e-bulletins, which are sent to governors throughout the year.

    Governors of subscribing schools and single academies receive the following benefits:

    • one in-house training course per annum for their governing board (must be taken within the financial year)
    • reduced rate (£15pp) to attend group training courses
    • free place to attend a Governor Induction course
    • access to Herts for Learning’s suite of online training courses

    Full details of the training courses available and to book a place: Governor training courses

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service on 01438 843082 or email your requirements to

    Governance also offer governor training packages for MATs, for more details and prices please contact Governance on 01438 843082 or email

    Subscription to the Hertfordshire Association of School Governors (HASG) can be purchased separately. For further details, please contact the HASG administrator on email:


    I think that the training offered is excellent - it covers a wide variety of areas and is very current.

    Chair of Governors, Hertfordshire Primary and Nursery School


    The perfect opportunity for chair of governors, vice-chairs and committee chairs to attend a range of dedicated training and informative briefings to ensure all governing boards are kept up to date on relevant topics and themes relating to school governance.

    The Chairs’ Service provides opportunities to work collaboratively through a range of training courses designed to meet the specific needs of chairs and help chairs develop in their role. The service also includes a termly chairs’ briefing, regular e-bulletin updates and chairs’ handbook to support Chairs of Governors in managing their board effectively and sharing best practice.

    Chairs benefit from well co-ordinated and effective presentations and networking
    Chair of Governors Survey 2018
    I have found the training and chairs service very good and I particularly liked the little “speed dating” sessions at the chairs networking evening.
    Chair of Governors,
    Secondary School

    A key question a governing board should be asking is “Do we carry out a review of Chairs performance?” Based on the Competency Framework for Governors the Chairs 360° Review is designed to develop best practice, skills and competencies that contribute to effective governance.

    The Chair has the key leadership role on the governing board, through reviewing the Chair’s performance governing bodies are able to identify strengths, identify areas for development and become more effective.

    The key benefits of completing a Chairs’ 360° Review of Performance are:

    • increase self-awareness
    • clarifies behaviours
    • measures “how” things get done as opposed to “what” gets done
    • promotes dialogue
    • improves working relationships
    • encourages personal development
    • increases accountability and
    • enhances overall performance of chair and governing board

    Chairs receive a toolkit with additional training and support opportunities that can support meaningful learning across the the areas highlighted for development

    Additional telephone support is available upon request.

    The External Review is so helpful in providing an impartial but professionally knowledgeable service. The guidance and support is another important service that the school and governors values highly.

    Chair of Governors,
    Primary School

    The HfL Clerking Service provides a skilled clerk to support governing boards with efficient and effective administration.

    Clerks have the opportunity to attend termly network sessions where speakers are invited to update attendees on topics relevant to the role. Additional training is provided for clerks to support disciplinary, exclusion, appeals or complaint hearings which can be requested on a pay as you use basis.

    A school or academy HfL clerk is responsible for:

    • drafting and circulating the agenda and accompanying papers
    • attending meetings
    • producing minutes, and once approved, circulate to all governors
    • the clerk is also available outside of meetings to offer advice and guidance.

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service on 01438 843082 or

    Briefings are very helpful and superbly informative. We have been blessed with two excellent clerks in recent years. Extremely conscientious, diligent and hard working and a great source of advice and support to the Chair.
    Chair of Governors,
    Hertfordshire Middle School

    This is an essential and highly recommended service for school-based clerks. It is designed to ensure that the clerk is kept up to date with changes to governance and also provides them with guidance and development. This support will enhance the smooth running of the board of governors and gives school‑based clerks an opportunity to network with other clerks and share good practice.

    The service includes:

    • a specific training programme for clerks and a copy of the Clerks’ Handbook
    • summaries of relevant documents and initiatives
    • a termly list of suggested agenda items
    • full access to the governors’ training and development programme
    • termly peer meetings for clerks to attend, with focused updates and networking opportunities
    • regular updates to national legislation issued by the DfE

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service on 01438 843082 or

    An external review of governance is based on three functions for the effectiveness of governance, as laid out in the Department of Eductation (DfE) Governance Handbook.

    The review is designed to support, improve and develop governance and will help the governing board identify priorities for improvement, helping governing boards to become more skilled, focused and effective.

    The review will be carried out by either a National or Hertfordshire Leader of Governance and will involve:

    • an initial discussion with school leaders to determine the focus of the review
    • a questionnaire for all governors to complete
    • a review meeting with the Chair of Governors and headteacher
    • a facilitated session with all governors
    • a written report and action plan, summarising priorities for the governing board
    • a progress and impact session with all governors (which takes place between three and six months later)

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service on 01438 843082 or

    Self-evaluation of the governing board is recommended on an annual basis. This toolkit will help governing boards consider it's strengths and weaknesses, as recommended in the UK Corporate Governance Code.

    Good governance is vital for any school. For a board to work effectively, performing a self-assessment is essential. Governors are encourage to reflect as an individual and a team report is generated from the results. The Chair of Governors is sent the report and able to compare results with an example in the toolkit.

    There are 3 levels of service to choose from:

    • standard
    • standard + phone support
    • standard, phone + facilitator support.

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service on 01438 843082 or

    A modern way to run school governing board or multi-academy board. GovernorHub handles the mundane tasks for schools and academies, allowing the Governing Board to focus on what matters most.

    GovernorHub makes handling and sharing of information across governing board(s) easy. There are two purchase options available offering a range of time-saving tools designed to maintain governor information in one easily accessible place.

    Clerk has access to keep governor membership details in one place, upload committee structures/ membership and constitution.

    Clerk and governor access. Filing area for storage of papers; noticeboard for communication; shared calendar; ability to track meeting attendance (can be used for meeting statutory website requirement to upload attendance at meetings.

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service on 01438 843082 or

    Clerk provides excellent service. Governor Hub allows safe storage and easy access to all governing body documentation.
    Chair of Governors,
    Hertfordshire Primary School


    The theme of the annual conference held in November 2017 was ‘Governance and School Leadership – Working Together to Navigate Change’.

    The conference presentations are now available to view.


    The Hertfordshire Governors Annual Conference 2018: 'School Leaders Managing Change' was held on Saturday 17th November 2018. Read more


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