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    This new suite of tools can help your school increase opportunities for critical thinking, support local and worldwide collaboration, increase creativity, aid communication, all whilst continuing to support the learning objectives that you have for your pupils.

    For a comprehensive guide on how Herts for Learning can help your school use new technology to spark curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning view our online flip book.

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    A range of fast, affordable devices that update automatically, and are easy for schools to set up and manage.

    Classroom impact

    • thousands of educator-approved apps, books and videos
    • powerful, collaborative, easy to use software
    • teacher workflow tools for managing student work
    • boots up in about eight seconds
    • all day battery life

    Easy set up and management

    • web-based management
    • automatic updates
    • built-in security

    G Suite for Education

    A free suite of communication and collaboration tools – including Classroom, Gmail, Docs and Drive – that let students and staff work and learn together from wherever they are.

    Suite of productivity tools - Students can work together in real time in Google Docs (and Sheets, Slides and Sites) to complete a group project – in class and at home.

    Manage with ease - Administrators can set user permissions for accounts from any web browser.

    Keep data secure - Educators can configure dozens of critical security settings and features.

    Stay connected anywhere - Students, teachers and staff can work together anytime, from any device. With offline apps, they can keep working even without access to the internet.

    Inspire collaboration with Google Classroom - Connect teachers and students, both inside the physical classroom and beyond, through this powerful workflow platform. With Google Classroom teachers can easily hand out, collect in and mark work, hold online discussions, organise homework and much more.

    And get it for free - Schools get G Suite for Education 100% free and Gmail doesn’t use any of your data for ads.

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