New HfL phone numbers

    Published: 30 November 2020

    From Monday 30th November, HfL will be introducing a new, improved phone system into the business. The new system will ensure that remote working for staff is seamless, and phone contact with HfL, through service desks or when direct dialling individuals, is never compromised.

    The phone system is being rolled out in two stages and will result in new phone numbers for all HfL staff, teams and service desks.

    Stage 1

    From Monday 30th November 2020 the following numbers are changing

    Service New number
    HfL Main Number 01438 544464
    Eastern Partnership 01438 544469
    Business Management 01438 544484
    Government Helpdesk 01438 544487
    Government Training 01438 544478
    HR Services 01438 544463
    Teach in Herts 01438 544468
    NQT Services 01438 544472
    Leadership Appointments 01438 544476
    Training and Events 01438 544477

    When calling HfL from today, please use these new numbers.  Any calls to old numbers will be auto re-directed however, so you will still be able to contact the relevant team.

    Please note all direct dial numbers have also changed and individual email signatures are being updated to reflect this.  There are no changes to HfL mobile numbers.

    Stage 2

    From Tuesday 8th December 2020, the Service Desk numbers will change.  These include the numbers for

    • DMS
    • Technology in Schools
    • HfL Broadband
    • Financial Services
    • GDPR

    Further details will be published nearer the time sharing the new Service Desk numbers.

    If you have any queries about the new numbers please contact 01438 544464 or

    Contact details