Herts for Learning subject experts have designed an easy to pick up and use set of sequences with step by step guidance covering the entire mathematics curriculum from Year 1 to Year 6.  Designed to support teachers, the planning includes examples of how concrete and pictorial representations can benefit pupils’ learning as well as other mastery techniques. The ESSENTIALmaths planning tool has a wealth of ideas to deepen and extend mathematical thinking for all learners.


    The ESSENTIALmaths sequences have been design to benefit schools, teachers and pupils delivering carefully planned progression that ensures consistency. The inbuilt examples of what children should be able to achieve through destination questions allows teachers to keep assessing and informing the children’s learning against age-related expectations. In addition, the fun and easily adaptable games, activities and resources are built in, saving time for teachers enabling them to reinvest their valuable time and focus on the needs of their pupils.


    Updated September 2019

    The planning resources have been updated to include:

    • further teaching resources and guidance to support the development of formal multiplication and division
    • long term plan overviews for the full year
    • destination question support for each sequence in the Autumn term. Examples of pupils’ responses are provided. Hazard guidance supports teachers to consider pupils’ readiness to tackle the questions or need for further practice. Spring and Summer to follow.

    Free samples

    Autumn 1 and 2

    Single years are also available for both.

    Spring 1 and 2

    Single years are also available for both.

    Summer 1 and 2

    Single years are also available for both.

    Mixed age planning

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    Autumn term

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    Spring term

    Summer term

    Diagnostic tests

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    ESSENTIALmaths Spring term diagnostic assessments Years 1-5

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