Hertfordshire Appropriate Body Service - Hertfordshire County Council partnered with Herts for Learning

    Whether you are an Early Career Teacher (ECT), induction tutor, mentor, coordinator or headteacher, our ECT Induction Service provides a robust structure with professional guidance, training and support for every stage of statutory induction.

    Why choose us? Across Hertfordshire: one consistent, objective approach

    • independent and impartial advice and support throughout the whole process
    • proven track record with over 20 years experience and specialised knowledge and expertise on all matters pertaining to ECT induction
    • robust and realistic support and advice to ensure the required standards are met at all times
    • empowering schools ECT handbook and digital platform, resources and frameworks to ensure high quality and compliant statutory induction process
    • expertise and guidance for overseas trained teachers
    • informed support for headteachers and ECTs including union negotiation and contract termination and appeals
    • external verification of schools’ judgements by our formal review and assessment panel
    • specialised, dedicated administration team and infrastructure with a dedicated line for all ECT enquiries
    • access to an extensive suite of high quality phase and subject specific training to complement ECF provision
    • training for induction tutors included in AB price

    We offer a comprehensive ECT service that ensures schools, academies and staff are supported from the very beginning of their induction, through to final assessment and certification from the Teacher Regulation Agency (TRA). This specialist service offers a completely independent and objective ECT induction service, ensuring consistency and parity across schools and academies.

    We will continue to accept registrations for those in the pre-September 2021 cohort who have started but not finished their induction period.


    £325 per ECT with no hidden or additional costs. This will be charged in instalments across the two year induction cycle to allow for potential movement of ECTS during their induction period.

    The Early Career Framework

    As from September 2021, schools will also be required to ensure their ECTs follow an Early Career Framework training programme. Please note that the Hertfordshire Appropriate Body Service has a different statutory function to ECF training and registering your ECTs with us should not affect your choice of preferred ECF route or provider.

    We are generally encouraging schools to choose the full induction programme and it is normally expected that schools look to the Teaching School Hub assigned to their area for sign up to an ECF programme, although local sign-up is not required. Hertfordshire schools are covered by Chiltern TSH affiliated with HFL (Best Practice Network) and Alban TSH (Education Development Trust).


    Tel: 01438 544472
    Email: ect.induction@hertsforlearning.co.uk